Portrait small Zack (2018)
Zack's Contract Story (2018)
1 Zack Brenneman, true pleasure to meet you! You've got a firm handshake. I like that, it's a sign of character. But let's get to the point. Are you ready to get filthy rich? Then let's do this!
2 Silicon Valley, baby! It's the place with all the money these days! The name of our game - Maglevs. If we do this right, we'll be flyin' around in private jets in no time.
3 First rule of start-ups: You've got to create buzz! That's why the first thing we'll do is a beach party for potential investors right here in Barcelona.
4 Second rule of start-ups: You need a catchy name! That's why we're called Levitas. You know, because Maglevs levitate.
5 A healthy life-style is all the rage in the tech world today. Get some surf boards for the party.
6 What do you mean: Shouldn't we first have the Maglevs ready before we talk to investors? Don't worry about that! When we've got the money we'll just order them from China.
7 Yeah! Dave agreed to perform at the party. This party is gonna be EPIC! Would you please set up the main stage? I've got to go to this... thing I must get to.
8 Time to transport the guests from the airport. Don't forget to give out the Levitas goodie bag!
9 That party was THE BOMB! We've got so much cash that we literally need a train to carry it. Levitas is officially live.
10 Time for phase two: We'll move the Levitas HQ to San Francisco. In the meantime, I'll travel to China to order the first batch of Levitas Maglevs.
11 The trains will be here in no time. Don't you just love those Asian labor costs.
12 Third rule of start-ups: You need to be on social media! I've taken a loan, so we can build up a new Social Media Centre in the former industrial quarter.
13 Nice! Our latest posts are all trending'! Maybe we should do a live QnA session with our fans.
14 Fourth rule of Start-ups: Brand Awareness. We've got to get Levitas Maglevs out there with a billboard campaign.
15 You may be askin': Why not focus on the maglevs instead of social media and marketing. You know why? Because we're not sellin' Maglev rides, we're sellin' an interactive travel experience.
16 One of the pillars of our company will be strong customer service! We'll need a Community Management center.
17 I just came from a pitch meeting for our latest ad campaign. Our new slogan: 'The way is the goal!' Sounds deep, doesn't it?
18 Alright, alright. You can perform safety and performance tests on our new maglev tracks. Our Levitas Maglevs haven't arrived yet, so you'll have to use older models.
19 The time is here! Tomorrow's the launch of Levitas Maglev lines USA. I love the anticipation of launching a company. I feel like I'm 23 again!
20 I knew this was gonna work out! The financial results are in and it's enough to get a GolfDream E650 private jet!
21 Another successful start-up launch is done. It's been a pleasure working' with you. Final rule of start-ups: Don't forget to reap the rewards!
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