Portrait small Yaris (Scaled - 2019)
Yaris' Contract Story (Scaled - 2019)
1 Booo! Ha! Bet I've scared you. You should see your face right not. Howdy my trusty business partner. I know you are in the mood for some sweet, sweet candy right now, but trust me I know something that tastes much sweeter. XP!
2 Ghosts don't scare me. The only thing I fear is the loss of profit. Let's make sure it won't happen to us.
3 People are going crazy for candy right now. Good thing I made a deal with a local candy factory. They agreed to split their profits with us in exchange for some materials.
4 Waiting around sucks money out of our pockets like a hungry vampire. Finish this as quick as possible please.
5 Great work so far buddy! While most of the people are stuffing their stomach with candy, we are creating a miracle here. Trust me it will pay off.
6 What do you mean by "cool zombie make-up"? I'm not wearing any make-up. I was up all night arranging this deal. Please take care of it while I take a little nap.
7 Those pumpkins gave me a brilliant idea! We will create and sell pumpkin flavored coffee. I bet none has ever thought of that!
8 Some punks threw eggs at my house because I didn't give them candy. Of course, I don't have any candy. I don't waste money on such nonsense. That's why I will become super rich pretty soon.
9 Guess what I have for you! No, it's not a candy bar. It's a sweet new deal and it contains no sugar. So..Bon Appetít.
10 Can you believe it? The lady at the bank got really scared by me. She thought I was a ghoul or something. Though I agree that I look a bit pale I don't think it's that bad. Maybe after we finish this we should go for a nice vacation and enjoy a few drinks in the sun. What do you say?
11+ all following contracts will have same text as contract #10
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