Quick Explanation of Different Value Tracks:
A while back, Pixel Federation made some minor changes to the tutorial you are required to complete before being allowed to play Trainstation on your own. This change introduced a small difference in the total XP required for players to level up. Players who created accounts when the first version of the tutorial was in place, have a total XP requirement value that ends in "292" after level 23. Players with accounts created after the new tutorial was introduced have a total XP requirement value that ends in "345" after level 23. These XP discrepancies take place in levels 1 to 4. This is why levels 1 to 4 have a different table format to the rest of the page. From level 5 onward, the two different XP "tracks" vary by only 53 points. Each level requires you to earn the same amount of XP whether you are on the "292" or "345" track.
Fun Fact:
Many people use the "Buying Cramptons" method to level up early in the game. Each Crampton you purchase costs you 2,000 Gold and will give you 60 XP. The number of Cramptons you need to purchase and what that will cost you to level up is included in the tables starting with level 5. For a complete, sortable list of locomotives best suited for boosting, please see the Locomotives For XP Boosting page.