Please report the bugs in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
  • Be as detailed as possible. (what did you do, what happened, etc.)
  • Include a screenshot if possible. (a good program to make screenshots is LightShot)

New Bugs

  • The Metropolis News popup doesn't appear at startup (see comments)
  • Clicking the train lights doesn't zoom in and bring the focus to the locomotive(s) (see comments)
  • Gem Offer promo-train responding to docks/town and IT activity (see comments)
  • Friends list sorting issue (see comments)
  • The scrollbar for the contractor story is missing (see comments)
  • Accepting gifts when the storage is full opens the shop to buy more storage
  • Chests do not drop when clicked in mid-air, they open instead
  • Make "wrong resources" warning when sending unneeded resources to contractors optional (see comments)
  • Selling single items have a slider (issue returned)

Known Bugs

The following bugs are currently known:

  • Resend is dispatching ALL local trains at the station
  • Chests and trains are mixed when using the Collectable sorting filter in the friends list
  • Trains are sent to the front of the que after editing
  • Hyperloop rails/tube suddenly ends in Metropolis Train Ride (see comments)
  • Materials in the Gift Box appear too small
  • Museum Progress bar doesn't turn red after collecting all locomotives

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs are fixed, currently being fixed, or can not be fixed:
The answers from PF are included.

  • Font sizes are too small
    • The fonts are significantly different from the flash version which is based on the technical parameters of the WebGL platform, we have already done several improvements to make the fonts as large as possible and our graphics team is still polishing it. However, the fonts will probably never be as clear as on flash.
  • No caching, everything has to be re-downloaded after changing stations etc.
    • The game is using browser caching which means that not all the content re-downloads. The fact is that the browser "decides" what to download and therefore it is out of our control. There are also several restrictions related to the browser itself and therefore the whole content cannot be cached. however, our programmers are currently looking for some solutions and improvements related to this topic.
  • New items in Storage doesn't show just the new items, you have to go to the item(s) for the indicator(s) to disappear
    • This is intentional, it works exactly the same on mobile app. We are still collecting player feedback on this feature so it is possible that some modifications will be added later.
  • Material Overview window doesn't display correctly
    • The Gold icon will be removed so the faulty display will be fixed this way.
  • Selling single items have a slider
    • After discussion with our developers, this will be removed.
  • No visible difference in reward/non-reward wagons when assembling trains in the Trains Manager
    • A fix is being prepared and will be implemented within upcoming days.
  • Players themselves appear between chests and trains when using the Collectable sorting filter (only when a chest is waiting at his station)
    • A fix is being prepared and will be implemented within upcoming days.
  • Locomotives in storage are sorted by level instead of by power (see comments)
    • Sorting has been fixed, just flags are being worked on.
  • Is it possible to add volume control to the options screen? (personal request)
    • Volume control is currently being discussed and we are looking for the optimal solution how to modify it.
  • Buying non-set wagons for a set loco in Trains Manager directs to set window after closing the shop (see comments)
    • This is being fixed.
  • Wagon images in level-up screen appear distorted (see comments)
    • This is fixed.
  • All (horizontal) slider bars in the game don't work right
    • The size of the slidebar is unified for all the windows, no matter how many items there are to scroll over, the webgl UI has been made based on the UI of the tablet app which makes it a bit different from flash version.
  • Slider bar arrows are missing
    • The arrows are not available in the webgl version as this has been unified with tablet version.
  • Social Spirit achievements have a star too much (see comments)
    • Fixed
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