Portrait small Valerie (2016)
Valerie's Contract Story (2016)
1 Hey, how's it going? My name is Valerie and I'm the new music teacher in your neighbourhood. My dream has always been to lead a school orchestra but I have to say that the rehearsal room looks rather worn-out. We should definitely do something about it!
2 I went through the school's music equip and I've found 3 triangles, 5 music stands and 1 ukulele. I'm afraid that won't be enough for an orchestra (unless we decide to be very, very experimental, haha). Here's a list of the instruments we need - could you order them?
3 Perfect, now we're ready to build a brand new rehearsal room for kids. I can't wait for the first lesson!
4 Those kids are actually pretty talented! Although they have no idea about good old jazz, I think we can make something out of them. It would be really cool to show their parents what they have learned so far. How about a first official concert?
5 Preparations are in full swing! You seem to have a good taste in music, I've decided to put you in charge of decorations. Kids convinced me to sing a few songs too so I'm quite busy but I'm sure you could handle it.
6 The concert was incredible! I'm so proud of my students. By the way: a strange thing happened to me, but please don't tell anyone. Little Jimmy invited his uncle who's a music producer and guess what: I got an offer to record a demo!
7 I signed the contract under one condition: I won't record a single song without my students! Who else could be on stage with me... Now make a train reservation for the whole orchestra: we're going to New York!
8 The record company is excited about the orchestra but... according to their age, they're rather "lively" so they offered to build us a private recording studio where we wouldn't disturb anyone. Isn't that awesome?
9 Ok, this is really getting cheesy. The success of our 1st record has gone beyond anyone's expectations and we've earned enough money to start our own music school. A bit of materials is all we need to make it happen.
10 We'd better start building as we want to open on September 1st. If you need any help, let me know!
11 Wow, we're not even in halfway through the summer and you've already made it! That means that we can take care of the school's surroundings...
12 I know that dispatching is what you like the most but is there any chance you'd consider becoming the headmaster of my music school? You have time to decide until the summer's over. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday and don't forget to visit us on our world tour! You'll get a VIP seat for sure.
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