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VL Class Quad Icon Shop Diesel
VL Class Quad
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 40 Icon Power
Tax 414 Fuel
Dispatch XP 400 XP
Set N/A
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 31 May 2013 320 Gems 1,000,000 XP 120 Limit 1
Icon Shop VO Vintage 9 Apr 2014 270 Gems 55,000 XP 70 Limit 2
Other Information
This item's graphic was changed with the 7 Nov 2016 Game Update. The original is below:
Old VL Class Quad
The VL class are a class of Australian diesel locomotives built by Avteq, Melbourne for Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia between February 2007 and March 2009. They have been hired to a variety of operators and operated in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Some are named after notable Australian racehorses.
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