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  • TheRealPella

    IDEA:  Split the Extensions page into several pages, with links from the main page to each of the subpages.  The various types of extensions would be grouped with other similar extensions on each subpage.

    I've been making good progress on reworking the page.  Some of the new content is live already.  Other new content, not ready to go live, is in Workshop E.

    Because the Extensions page is so long, we had the idea to collapse all of the tables on the page.  That would make loading the page much quicker and make navigating the page easier.

    However, this section of Wikipedia's Manual of Style mentions that a page's main content should not be inside something collapsible, and it mentions several reasons why.

    So, should we split the page, or use a …

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  • TheRealPella

    Content relocated to the forum.

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  • TheRealPella

    Behold, Template:CostSam and Template:CostExch.  As their names imply, CostSam applies Mayor Sam's 10% discount to buildings, and CostExch applies the Stock Exchange's 20% discount to extensions and themes.  Data entry now happens only once for the Cost field.  The user then copies the entry to the next line, changes the name of the template, and moves to the next field.

    This method eliminates several current problems in many of our tables:

    • Errors calculating the discount.
    • Errors entering two sets of cost data.
    • Inconsistencies in rounding procedures.

    In addition, we all save time because we're entering much less data. Maybe that will even attract some new contributors?

    To see the new templates in action, read on!

    Yesterday, I came here to begin e…

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  • TheRealPella

    A standard template for Shop items would make entering new items on Wikia pages easier and faster.  A standard template also would give all Shop tables a clean, consistent appearance, which the Wikia currently lacks.

    Several members of the TrainStation Wikia community, including DocTrain, actively discussed and managed this aspect of the Wikia in late 2012 and early 2013.  This Watercooler thread from January 2013 mentions that entering cost data in the Template:Cost format (e.g. ) does not work in the visual editor.  DocTrain proposed changing to a simpler version of the method that Template:Cost replaced, but discussion of the topic ended abruptly, and the community failed to reach consensus.

    With the permission of... whomever are Admins …

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  • TheRealPella

    I wrote a Talk article earlier, in which I hypothesized that we work too hard on pages that have big tables on them. Instead of formatting each row, like we could, we're formatting each individual cell. I can't speak for anyone else. Speaking only for myself, coding formatting instructions once is better than coding formatting instructions ten times. To be exact, it's ten times better!

    I modified the TPE Achievements page to give format codes only once each row. Please go look at the source code and tell me what you think. If the feedback is positive, I may start editing other pages. My goal is to have row-formatting added to the TrainStation Style Guide as the standard for our Wiki. Then we all can starting working smarter, not har…

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