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After being away for a couple of months, I returned few days ago to see what was coming of this wiki whilst I was away.
cleaned the blog. sorry folks, no more edits on this page anymore :)
And I must admit that I am a little depressed... Seeing that simple items like Buildings etc are not finished yet (they are just looking up the stats even for level 1 accounts) and that the pictures uploaded are behind on schedule with their pages...
<span style="background-color:#333333;"><span class="link">[[File:Rsz_eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png|link=User:Juppie_wh]]</span>[ <font color="Gold">Juppie&nbsp;WH</font>]<span class="link">[[File:Rsz_eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png|link=User:Juppie_wh]]</span></span> 15:44, May 13, 2015 (UTC)
Well to give a small donation I started finishing the Berlin theme for as far as it goes on adding the pages and assigning them a template. Hopefully soon I can finish the other Building themes too, so that there will be a reason for new people to read and join this wiki.  (with no info -> no visitors -> no folowers -> no new accounts -> less speed and accuracy on articles)
Added today:
- berlin theme -
Leipziger&nbsp;Strasse<br />
Brandenburg Gate<br />
The Piramid<br />
Funkturm<br />
Philharmonie<br />
Berlin Bourse<br />
Tempodrom<br />
Hauptstrasse<br />
Reichstag<br />
Hauptbahnhof<br />
Zoofenster<br />
Kaufhaus<br />
Rotes Rathaus<br />
Lehrter Station<br />
- Venice theme -
Santa Lucia<br />
Palazzo Ducale<br />
Ruga Vecchia<br />
Clock Tower<br />
Ca' Rezzoncio<br />
Calla Del Colombo<br />
[[User:Juppie wh|Juppie wh]] ([[User talk:Juppie wh|talk]]) 20:49, January 16, 2013 (UTC)
Finished the rest of Venice Theme.
Very much thanks to DocTrain for fixing the shops template :D<br />Gems and Resource double buildings can have at least one page now with both payments listed, Hurray.<br />
Although some small adjustments can still be made to the templates, most of it is well functioning.
[[User:Juppie wh|Juppie wh]] ([[User talk:Juppie wh|talk]]) 22:18, January 19, 2013 (UTC)
Finished all building themes (the red-links) but I have not checked all existing ones on old or new template usage yet. Found that some buildings (especially the ones with the "special" ribbon) are only editable in source mode since the visual tab is unreachable: "Source mode required.Rich text editing has been disabled because the page contains complex code."
I am not sure what this "complex code" would be but I can say that it is not very easy for new contributors to work with those pages. Will try to take a look at it tomorrow probably (if one of the awesome guys have not done already by then :P )
Shop template could use some very small improvements:<br />
- 'cost' has a text-box but can not contain any info<br />
- 'gemxp' uses a '+' mark in front of the text which could cause some confusion (is it adding xp onto the normal buy xp?)<br />
- '' any-time I try to add Uranium as a resource it wont show the resource image, but when I look at existing buildings it has no other name for it listed... o.O' ?''<br />
(- The colours are awesome Doctrain but maybe something slightly more in line with the wiki-template used on the site? (nothing personal though, but purple and green are not really my idea of being a static and serious information website ;P ))
Well have that said, I think my work is done here... (just joking)<br />will try to find a new project, so if any-one has an idea... you know where to react (yep down here :P )
Sincerely, [[User:Juppie wh|Juppie wh]] ([[User talk:Juppie wh|talk]]) 22:15, January 20, 2013 (UTC)
Added Eagle Statue, the most important decoration was almost forgotten to be added to wikia! blame on the ones who forgot :P
Maybe I'll do some decorations adding soon, but other suggestions are welcome too
[[File:Eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png‎|link=User_talk:Juppie_wh|30 px|Talk]][ <font color="Gold">Juppie&nbsp;WH</font>][[File:Eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png‎|link=User_talk:Juppie_wh|30 px|Talk]] 10:22, January 21, 2013 (UTC)
Trouble with the template's... Maybe we should start writing a book about it... "The template disaster"<br />
Well it isn't that big of a problem, just some minor items and novelties. One good example and we all can speed through the currently existing and to be added pages.
Therefore, not much done today but I'll try to compensate for that soon :D
[[File:Eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png‎|link=User_talk:Juppie_wh|30 px|Talk]][ <font color="Gold">Juppie&nbsp;WH</font>][[File:Eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png‎|link=User_talk:Juppie_wh|30 px|Talk]] 21:44, January 24, 2013 (UTC)
<span style="background-color:#333333;"><span class="link">[[File:Rsz_eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png|link=User:Juppie_wh]]</span>[<font color="Gold">Juppie&nbsp;WH</font>]<span class="link">[[File:Rsz_eagle_signimage_do-not-change.png|link=User:Juppie_wh]]</span></span> 15:44, May 13, 2015 (UTC)
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cleaned the blog. sorry folks, no more edits on this page anymore :)

Rsz eagle signimage do-not-changeJuppie WHRsz eagle signimage do-not-change 15:44, May 13, 2015 (UTC)

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