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4-6-4 Maple Leaf,
National Flag Engine (Canada)

My nickname is Pella.  Pella is a Dravidian word that means, "elephant".  Dravidian is an ancient language still spoken in southern India, and elephants are my favourite animals.  Now you know.

I'm not arguing; I'm learning![]

I love to play "The Devil's Advocate", and I'm REALLY good at it.  I seem to have an innate ability to see things that others miss.  Even when something is obvious to everyone, I frequently mention it, anyway.  People often overlook obvious things, simply because they're obvious.

In discussions about (insert topic here), I will bring up potential problems or opposing points of view.  I do this because it forces me to think.  It also forces others in the discussion to think about not only WHAT they believe, but also WHY they believe it.  In the process, we all learn new things.

This is my favourite method of learning, and learning is my favourite thing in the world.  Please keep this in mind during conversations with me.  ;-)

Current projects[]

The Local Trains page has a new look. The central feature is a new journey yields table that is much easier to use than the one we had previously. The new page also includes several examples showing exactly how to calculate the income from any train. Take a look! As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Extensions and themes[]

  • The new Themes page isn't so new anymore. The redesign of the Extensions page is on hold. We'll finish it, but we need to take care of a few other things first.
  • I'm working on a new infobox template for themes. Since some themes are Limited Offers, the infobox should accommodate our now-standard offer template, which is used within the infoboxes for locomotives and wagons. Themes have different kinds of costs than locos and wagons do, though, and that presents some weird formatting issues.
  • Some themes are visual only, and they contain no buildings or decorations. Despite this, many of such themes are built on category pages. We need to convert these pages to article pages in the Main space. Having some themes as categories and others not may appear inconsistent to some. I think it's even less consistent to have categories that don't categorize anything.


The entire community's major push right now is consistency throughout the Wiki, especially in formatting.

  • The most important component will be the new Style Guide. The old one is horribly outdated and no longer serves as a useful resource. Creating the new one has taken wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much time. As much as possible, this has become my top priority.
  • Katat0nyx continues to work, albeit slowly, on a redesign of {{Infobox shop}}. This project is extremely difficult, and it has a couple of stumbling blocks that present unusual challenges. This could take a while.
  • New editor Nickembrey is also our newest project leader. Currently, he's working on creating a consistent format for the contractor pages, especially within the contract lists. Follow the project and contribute feedback in this forum thread.
  • New editor Arno Mrnym is taking a look at the pages that have tables of locomotives. He'd like to streamline the tables so users can more easily find the information they need.
  • Admin Mhommer and I will be reworking all the major infoboxes (except shop/item) on the site: train, wagon, and Trainset. These changes will be invisible to users. The same will not be true for editors. Many of the parameter names will change, and even the names of two of the templates themselves.

There's more. Oh yes, much more.
Updated: 00:13 UTC, 21 Mar 2015

Pics, because why not?[]

Canada National Flag Engine, 4-6-4 Maple Leaf, with cargo, in Canadian station

I have exactly one National Flag Engine.  As you can see, I kind of have a thing for Canada.
No, I don't live there yet, but I'm working on it.

advertisement for TrainStation, featuring Bloody Mary train, as published on Facebook

My favourite train, Bloody Mary. Isn't she beautiful? :-)