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I tortured the image of the Eagle Statue to morph it into a signature image. I haven't found any user signature rules yet on this wikia, so I hope it is allowed :S

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My favorite pages[]

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  • Normal Achievments
  • Royal Train set pages
  • Buildings

  • I am a very slow chicken, please don't cluck at me...

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- an offline picture editor, simple as MS paint, powerfull as Photoshop -
need an offline picture editor to contribute to this wiki?:
It's free and malware free, functions the same as microsoft paint but has more options.
- To remove background easily use the magic-staff and put its value around 25, click the blue surroundings and hit delete if it has only the background parts selected.
- Lower value's will give a smaller selection but also more accurate, higher value's will cause larger selections but also more possibility of selecting non-background parts (which you don't want to delete of course)

                        - wiki-edit cheat list -
  • "{{" "}}" are for templates. Use them at the start and ending of a template
  • "[[" "]]" are for inter-links. Link to an (un-)existing page within ''.
  • "~~~~" is for signing comments on talk pages, do not use when editing a info-page (trainset x, mahatma, bench_decoration for example)
  • (adding more in the future) :D