Arno Mrnym

  • I live in Berlin
  • My occupation is Architekt
  • I am männlich

I'm from Berlin/Germany and author of the "real" Wikipedia since 2004 where I made more than 20,000 edits worldwide so far. I mostly write about Billiards, especially 3-cushion carom billiards and ancient, historical persons in billiards (e.g. August Tiedtke, Maurice Vignaux, Brunswick Bros., John Thurston etc.). I'm usually writing articles for the german Wikipedia, more than 200 right now, or I translate articles from/into german, english and dutch Wikipedia. I also take photographs of billiards-tournaments, if possible (lately 2015 German Masters (Snooker), 2015 World 3-cushion Championship for National Teams…). Must be more than 3,000 until now. I have a job as a File-Mover on Wikimedia-Commons, too. (as of Mar 2015)

Here I just will help out and make some minor edits, due to my work at Wikipedia. Let's see if I can help out.

My avatar shows August Tiedtke, carom & artistic billiards player from 1920ies to 1960ies.

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