Logo Halloween
Transylvania  Logo Set+
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Loco
Type Steam
Transylvania (Locomotive)
Cargo Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
Set Bonus +400%
Set Size 4 Transylvania Icon Storage Reward
Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
Nocturnal Icon Storage Reward Vampire Icon Storage Reward
Other Information
The name of this set was originally released as Transylvania Express.

Rewarded from:

Used in contracts:

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  • Transylvania Express train - Dracula 11/13

    4 messages
    • I'm at level 404 and I have no more the Trasylvania locomotive and all the wagons of the set. How can I get them? Thanks. Player ID 8036343
    • Go to storage and click on "Rewards". All your reward items should be there. Not sure you can ever remove/sell them, but I wish I could.
  • Dracula's contract 11

    9 messages
    • Did you tried sending as many passangers as possible? Maybe it is enough
    • If Dracula wants the waggons full, then you must send him full waggons.  If your passenger base is too low to fill the waggons, then you m...
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