Train Ride 1

The Hiawatha set in the Train Ride mini-game

The Train Ride is one of the activities you can do in TrainStation. Train Ride is a mini-game where you collect gold, resources and XP.

It is accessed through the Local Trains section of the Trains menu.

Train Ride 2

Accessing the Train Ride mini-game

During the game, you have the opportunity to collect Gold Gold (for passenger Passenger and mail Mail trains) or resources (for cargo trains). You can also collect experience points XP.

Every 85 XP you collect gives you a whistle Whistle that you can use to bring an Express Train to your station. (Lowered from 100 XP as part of the 9 Jun 2011 Game Update.

You also complete the Train Spotter series of achievements here.

Resources and experience will periodically pop-up during the minigame. You don't have to keep the train focused on the screen, they'll pop up related to your view, though they'll stay related to the train after "spawning".

The resources will pop-up on sets of two Gold/Material pick-ups (worth 10 Gold or 3 Material each) and one XP pick-up. The XP pick-up will rise by 1 with every consecutive XP collected, up to a maximum of 9 (indicated by XP pre) followed by a final pickup XP final worth 5 experience, totalling 10 pick-up sets. Possessing the Royal Tower will duplicate your experience, material and gold collected during the train ride. Now you can get a maximum of 13/14 and a final pickup of 9 xps.

These are the maximum amounts you can pick up during a train ride:
type amount amount with Royal Tower
Passenger/Mail 10 x 2 x 10 = 200 Gold 400 Gold
XP 50 XP 100 XP
Material 10 x 2 x 3 = 60 materials 120 Material

You can't click on the "Train Ride" button during the last 10 seconds before arriving at Loading Docks, Town or your own station.

When you are at a Train Ride, and your train is arriving in 2 seconds, the screen will automaticly switch to the place where your train is arriving.

Added as part of the 24 Mar 2011 Game Update.