• On April 2nd, Fandom has rolled out the Drafts extension to several wikis, including the TrainStation wiki(s), and if you're a regular editor, i bet you've already met some of its issues. it's really driving me nuts, as i often edit more than 1 page at the same time, and the drafts are haunting me from one wiki to the other (and back!)

    I've contacted Fandom Support about this, and explained my experiences (took me 5 emails, but they finally got it lol) but it seems they are not willing to disable the drafts

    I've searched around for a bit today, and found the official announcement:
    I checked the comments section, and saw alot of unhappy comments, and one even offered a helpful solution to disable the drafts

    It does however require an Ad Blocker: (install one if you don't have one already)

    • Click the Ad Block icon and go to the settings
    • Go to "Advanced"
    • Scroll down to "Make a Filter"
    • Click the button to make a filter, add *ext.wikia.EditDraftSaving* (including both *) and click Save

    The drafts should now be disabled/blocked

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    • Head up.... Draft feature has been disabled via Fandom until further notice, while they are improving the feature. Just to give but update on this.

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