• Hello Willi, 

    I sent you a freind request. Like you, I am looking for locomotives for my museum. If you could help, I would be thankful.  Let me know what you need and I will send it your way.

    You will see me as Scouts Out.

    Thank You,

    Tom Mesiarik


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    • Hello Tom,

      the friend request is accepted. I checked your tables and found this locos you need:

      CR NJ2 Qinghai
      ALP-44 Double
      Frostliner Double
      BR Class 41 Triple
      SD70 ACS Quad
      SD40-2 Azmath 10
      DRG Class 44

      I will send them the next days.

      From your locos I only miss "Dix". Would be nice when you could send it.

      Thank you,


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    • Sounds Good

      Thank You,

      Scouts Out

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    • A FANDOM user
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