• Hi, I have send the friend request to you, as I wondering if you could help me out on the missing trains I needs for Museum?

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    • I am sorry. I could find you in the friend list in portal, but not in game. If we could solve this problem, I would check your list of missing trains and send you the locos I have.

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    • Okay ^_^.

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    • Strange. It seems it only needs some time. Now I found you in game and send some trains. I will check your lists of missing trains in the next days.

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    • Yeah, I think it due to Sync system between Portal and Facebook to game, as what I normally do which get the game working again, by doing this:

      - Portal - Sign out then sign in again.

      - Facebook - Removed the app then readd it again.

      What I was told by TrainStation support team that it push my game to resync again once I done step above, so I only notice the change 2/3 days later. (I do this often with amount of players who don't play anymore or I keep seeing ZZZzzz too much).... sigh...  it annoying but only part to get the game to work.

      But thanks for let me know the update =D. Oh yeah, I updated my list of missing trains from Museum.

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    • A FANDOM user
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