• Please check your numbers.
    I posted my New' XP for Level 700 in TrashTerriers Massive Changes thread

    Rolf Al wrote: I've just checked, I now need for level 701
    8.520.017.190 XP

    instead of
    8,520,020,345 XP from the old table.

    and it ended with xxx7190. I noticed your edits today and checked my XP at 725 and 726, they also end with xxx7190. So the difference is 3155 against the 345-table

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    • for my own, i still have 0345 at the end of the xp :

      2017-01-09 06 55 32-TrainStation - Pixel Federation Jeux

      xp lvl up ends with 345

      Is 7190 a new feature ?
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    • I reached 711 and still finishing by 0345. I updated current lvl XP list, but i wasn't sure about the new one.

      and the xml response from the server confirm it :






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    • Currently I've only the three datas for lvl 701, 725 and 726 noted. I will pay attention to my new XP as I advance and will try to get some help. In the meantime you can fill the gap in the new list up to 725 and we will see if there are more changes.

      XP for level 726
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    • I just removed your edits at the New table, because you get the 0345. A closer look in the old table shows that there are some errors, which can be detected by the jumps in the 'Change in XP'. Keep track of them as you advance.
      They feedback I got so far, shows that other's have the same data as you and also at higher levels the 0345 is active. But I will have to catch more data.
      I still got for my last levels the 7190. So I will keep my advance in the new table. We will see what number you will have at 725 and if any changes in the XP-tables are found from my friends. Then, maybe earlier, if no changes are found, I will ask support.

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    • Ok. That works for me. I'll be at lvl 725 in 10 days. May be less. We will have a look at that time. I keep you informed there.

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    • Xplvl729
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    • I see. Strange behaviour. You with 7190, me still with 0345... I wait lvl 725 to see if something change.

      During this time i continue to maintain the old 7xx lvl page.

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    • Dear All,

      According to my informations, it depends a bit on when you started playing TS, originally the LVL change XP should end on xxx292, then they changed it at a later point to be xxx345, and now they have changed it to xxx292, but depending on the date you started playing TS, you have different XP demands to change LVL. I have a friend that was with the game from the very start and his XP is still xxx292 and my is xxx345, so that is why there are difference in what XP you should have to change LVL.

      I could try to make space in the current list, so it could have the new xxx190 information in the same list as the 2 other lists.

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    • My lvl 35 account, started after the massive changes of last year

      Lvl35 345

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    • 1345 is another one or will it change in the next lvl ?

      Edit : got the answer : it will become 0345 at lvl 134... Sry

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    • To Bent: The change from "xxx292" to "xxx345" is documented in the introduction of the XP Level Req. That the "xxx292" is changed to "xxx290" is new for me, because I've no contact to players that had the "292". All feedback I got shows the "xxx345" and it seems I'm the only one with "xxx7190". So I have to ask support, if it is a bug or a change.
      To TT: Yes, it is the old value for level 36, the same I got for my new account. As I edited the New XP list 001-099 in work I didn't compare with the old values, I was busy with catching all the changes to extensions etc.
      Just compared the old and new table, and found that from level 29 the values are identically with the old "xxx345"
      To Tollaf: Yes, for the low levels the increase is only in 1.000. From 134 it will stay a long range a "xx0345" but in the Level 400+ it will change between "xxx0345" to "xxx5345". Oh, I looked closer and the table is a mess, the increase is constant at 85000 but the targets don't change accordingly.

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    • After a look at the 4xx levels table, i agree that this one needs to be updated.

      Something else, in the 6xx table, at lvl 609, for example, the table says that the increase XP is 110,000. Accordingly to others tables, shouldn't it be 100,000 and 110,000 starts at 610 ?

      One can find the same behaviour for every 6x9 levels.

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    • Dear Rolf Al, it was a typeerror that causes that I wrote 290 instead of 292, this has now been corrected.

      Dear Tollaf, I have now corrected the cost lists from lvl 600 to 1305 so they match the data.. What is wrong with the 4xx list

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    • Thanks a lot

      Waiting for level 625 now

      Edit : I don't find the issues i noticed. Just firs levels seem strange : +80k 2 times then +95k then back to +80k... 

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    • Dear Tollaf, the problem in LVL 4xx are now solved, I have updated the data with the ones that I have in my Excel sheet that I have been updating from when I started the game.

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    • Great ! tyvm

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    • At level 725 XP still end by 0345 for me : 
      2017-01-21 09 15 51-TrainStation - Pixel Federation Jeux

      lvl 725 XP still end by 0345

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    • support wrote:

      thank you so much for sending me the data. we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we've had some unexpected technical problems which caused this issue. We can assure you that we're already fixing it.

      Thank you for your patience and have a nice day."

      That's the answer I got yesterday from Support, but it isn't fixed yet.

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    • Ok, let's wait and see then

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    • A FANDOM user
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