• Hi there, I am currently doing a bit of work on a few other wikis, and since you seem to have a complete grasp of templates I thought I'd ask you for advice. I wish to make a table similar to Maximum_Passengers_Per_Hour#Johann, displaying the values A, B, C, AxB and (AxB)/C. Is there a way to make the calculations for the two last automatically in order to speed up editing and avoid having to constantly check and recheck the ratios for errors or is it necessary to use the Template:Formdec and manually add the operations there?

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    • Sorry for the long delay in replying. The notification went to my spam folder.

      I was never really that good with calculations - I don't believe pass/hr was even part of our template when we started. If it comes right down to it, the people were a lot of help to me when I first started. That said, nested templates still makes me break out in a cold sweat sometimes. Mhommer is also a huge help - I'm not sure how active he is now though.

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