• In my long message to you about being a project leader, I mentioned that your newness gives you an advantage over those of us who have seen everything here for a while. To illustrate the point, I've already learned something from you.

    Whenever I use a <br /> tag, my instinct is always to leave no space before or after the tag. I've noticed that whenever you use the tag, you leave a space before and after the tag. At first, I was going to "correct" your edit. Before I did, though, I remembered that Wikia discards those extra spaces, anyway. Therefore, it doesn't matter to the display whether the spaces are there or not.

    Besides that, the spaces give the eyes a bit of a break by preventing everything in the code from running together. That means the spaces actually make things a bit better.

    I'm probably not going to go chasing down break tags and inserting spaces before and after them all over the site. On the other hand, I'll definitely start using spaces when I create new tags, and I may start adding spaces when editing pages. You taught me something about editing, about a piece of editing where I thought I already knew everything.

    Well done! Thank you.

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    • Glad I could help. Generally I try to use spaces wherever possible when I am coding (including wiki editing), unless the given language deals with spaces in a meaningful way. In my experience, though, that has been the exception, not the rule. When things are spaced out, it makes for code that is so much easier to read and work with.

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