• Dude, you're working too hard!

    Why on Earth would you manually calculate each individual equivalent capacity and enter them one by one? The smart way to do that would have been to let the Wiki calculate them for you. That method contains a built-in bonus: It sharply reduces the risk of errors. :-)

    While I'm writing this, it occurs to me that you probably don't know the code to use to make the Wiki work for you like that. If you're interested, MediaWiki's parser functions help page is a good place to start. You can find more advanced information on WikiMedia's calculation help page.

    And of course, I always have a trick or two up my sleeve. *wink*

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    • Well to be honest, most of what I did was to add equivalent capacity to the wagons that have a 0% multiplier--so I'm unlikely to make a math error since the equivalent capacity is the same as the base! I wanted to add these so that you can sort on that column without any blanks. In only a few instances did I add the equiv. capacity for wagons with a nonzero multiplier. 

      But going forward, I will definitely take a look at the pages you mention. My math is pretty strong, but using a function instead is always preferrable!

      I was also thinking of making some more edits to that section. Namely, 1) adding some wagons that aren't there (Amapa mail, everything beyond Pulse mail, etc); 2) fixing some numbers that are incorrect, probably due to a change (e.g. Mail Cart costs 50 gold, not 300. I guess this has changed?) and possibly 3) right-aligning the Max mail and equiv. capacity columns. 

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    • LOL ... Yeah, it's tough to mess up +0%. ;-)

      If you want to work on improving that page, feel free. That page, and many others like it, are in serious need of a major overhaul. The catch to doing that kind of overhaul is that many pages have the same kinds of problems. Therefore, it makes sense to create a solution (or a few solutions) that will apply to many pages, rather than simply manually overhauling the pages one by one. Katat0nyx, Mhommer, and I, plus a few others, have slowly been working on creating those types of solutions for the past year and a half.

      Real life gets in the way sometimes. In addition, most of the solutions that I created so easily in my head turned out to be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more difficult to code than I imagined. I've encountered one or two situations that look like they're impossible to code with Wikitext.

      Our #1 biggest push over those 18 months has been for consistency--to create it where it does not exist, and to maintain it where it does. Both of those are long and arduous processes. In the end, the key to creating the beautiful, sitewide consistency we envision is updating our Style Guide. Most of it is outdated, which means we don't have any kind of solid guidelines to reference. Katat0nyx assigned that project to me, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it's the one thing that usually gets swallowed up by more immediate tasks. SOs and VOs, for example, demand updates 4 days every week, and if we wait too long, the information we need goes away. The Game Update makes 5 days per week.

      Mhommer's been extra busy at work lately. I haven't seen much of Katat0nyx in a while. Usually, it's either Mhommer or me who manages to get the updates posted, which, obviously, reduces the time available for other things. Now that you're here and are taking a strong interest in recording the SOs and VOs, maybe I'll be able to spend more time on the Style Guide.


      All of which is a very long way to say: Go ahead and work on the page if you want, but don't try to make it perfect. Until we publish a new Style Guide, "perfect" is unachievable. Right-aligning columns tends to be easy, and it can improve a page's look dramatically, so I strongly encourage your #3 task. The #1 and #2 tasks are part of a much larger project that basically involves validating every - page - on - the - Wiki.... against every - single - item - in - the - Shop. For that, we definitely need clear guidelines.

      Having said that, if you want to pick a page and begin the validation process, why not? Worst case scenario: You'll learn more about how the Wiki works and how the game works. ;-)

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    • Do you know how the game rounds? Standard mail has a base of 4350 Mail with a profit multiplier of +65%. However, 4350 x 1.65 = 7177.5.  Is the equivalent capacity 7177 or 7178? 

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    • I do not know how the game rounds.
      Pixel does not know how the game rounds.
      Different portions of the code were written by different people who, apparently, didn't like to talk to each other. Therefore, the game rounds in different ways depending on the part of the game doing the rounding; plus the game's mood; plus the alignment of Mars, Saturn, and Neptune.

      Since even the developers can't accurately say how the game rounds, I always do "standard" rounding to the nearest integer, and I round after every step of a calculation. Most of the time (98%), I get exactly the same number as the game does. Sometimes, my total is off by a tiny fraction. I can live with that.

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    • Yup, that sounds like the Pixel we know and love.

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    • A FANDOM user
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