• I was wandering through a contractor's list of contracts when I noticed that every "Build" contract has a cost listed on one horizontal line, and that editors had to format each resource manually to make it happen.

    No longer!! I modified {{Cost}} to recognize an optional parameter, line. Simply enter data for Template:Cost as usual and add |line=y after the final resource. VoilĂ ! The cost appears on one horizontal line with commas between the resources. Complete details are in the documentation on the Template:Cost page.

    There is no change to the previous function of {{Cost}}. If parameter line is absent, the output appears on two or three separate lines, as it always has.

    To keep the various "Cost" templates consistent, I am editing the Sam, Alan, and Exch variants to use the same feature in the same way. I'm also editing the documentation for the variant templates. As always, questions and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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