• lucy = 4 x 270     best non purchase building 2x 62/23 1x 60/22 (westminster) > worse than purchaseables

    Mizuki = 3 x 330   best non purchase buildings (better than Shanghai 20/11)  2x 26/7 Fifth Avenue,  1 x fish warehouse 65/27, 1x airport terminal 70/30, 1 x fishing port 45/23, 1 x dancing tower (= 4 x 4/2)

    Alan = 3 x 290 = 123 sydney towers  3 (41 x 7 = 287 spaces = 779/hour) = 2337/h

    Sorrry haven't worked out the rest.

    built an extra 11 Piccadilys and 4 trainsbury chocolate factorys on Lucy so far and still have 56 spaces to fill before I'll start eating into the original buildings. 2438/h currently

    Just left wading through Giovanni contracts now, but the rewards are REALLY good. The new Johan contracts have provided a light relief.

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    • Thank you sir! I've got a backlog of stuff to do. I was sick for almost 2 weeks and now I have to do some REAL work to catch  up. I will apply your data to the tables in next week or so,

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    • I've used the contractor information provided on the wiki over the last 10 months so it's good to give something back.  It looks like you found the message about using Bakery's on Mrs Wilma.

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    • Also here's Wolfgang

      Parking Garage 45/25, BER airport terminal 75/33, Airport hotel 41/25, Airport Mall 41/25, BER control tower 36/18, 5x BER Boarding gate 25/12, BER observation tower 25/12, Schonefeld airport 65/30

      1x electronics factory 22/20 (worse than 

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    • ....Berlin TV tower) but if you build 3 extra towers instead of using factory and leave 2 spaces it still gives 1431/h.  

      132 or 133 TV towers required (maths said 133 counted 132 with a bit of maths).

      1 row has 2 of the 25 length buildings and 1 row has the 20.

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    • I saw the rabbling about Wolfgang so I've had a play around and tried a few different arrangements using additional purchased towers, brandenburg gates and DB offices. I'm now maxed out at 1436/h although logical maths does seem to apply here either.

      I had a flight path 8/10 hidden that dragged the original total down.

      1 row = 55 tv towers + brandenberg gate    

      1 row = 2x25's + 50 towers (no change)

      1 row = 27 towers + 1 DB tower + the rest of the buildings

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    • A FANDOM user
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