Logo Halloween
The Undertaker  Logo Set
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Loco
Type Steam
The Undertaker
Cargo Icon Shop Cargo
Set Bonus +25%
Set Size 5 The Undertaker Gems
Wood Wagon Wood Nail Wagon Nails
Funeral Wagon
Ten Inch Nails
Funeral Wagon Gold Ten Inch Nails Gold
Other Information
Limited Offer Logo Limited 28 Oct - 11 Nov 2010
Limited Offer Logo Limited 27 Oct - 10 Nov 2011
Limited Offer Logo Limited 25 Oct - 8 Nov 2012
Limited Offer Logo Limited 24 Oct - 14 Nov 2013
Limited Offer Logo Limited 23 Oct - 6 Nov 2017
Limited Offer Logo Limited 28 Oct - 18 Nov 2019

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