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Type Common Steam (100%)
Power 4 Icon Power.png
Slots 1 Icon Uncommon Slots.png
Tax 8 Gold.png
Dispatch XP 4 XP.png
Set N/A
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 1,700 Goldr.png Cost N/A
Buy XP 50 XPr.png Buy XP
Level 5 Level
Other Information
Added to the Shop at an unknown date.
Removed from the Shop at an unknown date.

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Mr. General

Built in 1855, The General provided freight and passenger service between Atlanta, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, before the Civil War on the Western & Atlantic Railroad. During the American Civil War, volunteers from the Union Army took the train northwards toward Chattanooga, doing as much damage as possible to the vital Western & Atlantic Railroad.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_General_%28locomotive%29
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