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Test-5th Icon Shop Building
5th Av. Helios
Type Building
Theme New York
Limit +648 Passenger
Income +108 Income/h
Size 8 Space
  13.50 / Space  
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 540,000 Bricks
540,000 Glass
450,000 Rubber
Cost 144 Gems
Buy XP 155,000 XP Buy XP 155,000 XP
Level 217 Level 207
Limit 2 Limit 3
Contract shop Information
Sam's Shop
Statistics Levels Cost Buy XP Contract(s)
Limit +300 Passenger 
Income +25 Income/h N/A 570,000 Gold
79,000 Gravel
79,000 Rubber
26,000 XP   
Size Space
Ratio 3.13 Income/Space
Other Information
Theme changed to New York as part of the 30 Aug 2016 Game Update.

The limits for gems and material are counted separately, so a Max of 5 is possible.

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