Portrait small Tesla (2019)
Tesla's Contract Story (2019)
1 Greetings! My name is Tesla, just like the cars. Oops, I might be spoiling the future for you. Anyway - I have just arrived here in New York and I am kind of shy of money. Looking for funding, to be correct. Would you help me out?
2 This is not the funding I have been hoping for but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to follow their dream - get a job. In case he’s not rich already. I’m starting at Eastinghouse Electric Corporation on Monday.
3 Niagara Falls Cataract Construction Company reached out to me and asked for my help with building the Electric Plant. Hooray!
4 What current type is the best? I thought this job will be challenging. Funny feeling, being wrong.
5 In order to make this happen, we will need more materials. I believe you are the best person for the job, your trains are running quite well!
6 This company surely made the right decision to pick me for this job. Alternating current is the best choice here. The AC! Now if I were a rock musician… I apologize, I keep thinking of the future so much. Final piece of the Electric Plant is left to build, let’s do it.
7 1899 and I’m too tired of this city life. Constant partying, all the attention. I mean, I have got 1899 problems but electricity ain’t one. I want to focus on my experiments and inventions now, and fully. City life is getting in the way. But I need a little funding to move, again. Thank you in advance!
8 Ah - Colorado. Perfect choice. Now we should build me a Laboratory where I can hide my experiments from the eyes of the world until they are made to perfection. Will you help me build one?
9 I believe more materials are needed to continue with the research!
10 Aim for the stars! My next invention will be the wireless communication system. No it has never been done before. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done now! This is bold decision, but we need the largest Electric Coils yet!
11 Magnificent. The options and opportunities, oh my friend you have no idea what we can achieve now! Wireless communication with the rest of the world, perfect 4G cell coverage with affordable plan.. Ah, I apologize getting ahead of time again. Let’s focus on the Wireless energy transfer. For now.
12 We will need the biggest antenna to make this happen. It seems however, that all of our funds have been spent on completing our previous project. I will take care of this - I will travel to New York and get us the funding we need. Any help you could offer will be appreciated of course!
13 Yes - it took two years but I have managed to acquire some land in Wardenclyffe. We will set up a new Lab there. Oh come on, we are burning daylight here, the trains with materials should have been on their way already! Life is shorter than you think.
14 We can make this happen, I can tell already. More materials - we are on the right track!
15 That’s it. Let’s start building our new Wardenclyffe Laboratory. Our name will resonate in history - in case your name is Tesla as well!
16 YES! First signals are here. But I can’t quite translate this gibberish. Something about probing? And humans and abduction? Mulder and Skully? This doesn’t make any sense.
17 I have been up all night long and it all makes sense now! Those were the instructions from “Green Engineers” as they call themselves. Probably from Greenland. And they have asked me to build this weirdly, yet beautifully shaped disc which I think might fly! What a night. But we will need materials to complete this!
18 This is not enough, we still need more. Yes - I am 100% positive.
19 We have got everything we need to build it now. A little help here? I am wondering if it will blow our minds as much as I think it will.
20 Great job. I can’t take my eyes of it. We will not be resting for long - it is time for my masterplan and the final blow for the corporations billing people for things that should be free! Wireless Electricity Transfer - for free. I know! Genius!
21 The time has come - let’s show the world what can be achieved if the focus is set right! People will be happy! Wireless Electricity Transfer - mark these words. This will be the best thing ever, even better than Internet.. Ahh! Darn it, sorry again, I am fully present in 1901 now.
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