Logo TS.png
Terminal Logo Special.png
Type Special Building
Specialty +50% International Trains
passenger and mail capacity
Theme Nippon
Size 21 Space.png
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 550,000 Gold.png
135,000 Glass.png
100,000 U-235.png
Cost 210 Gems.png
Buy XP 21,500 XP.png Buy XP 21,500 XP.png
Level 67 Level 61
Limit 1 Limit 1
Contract shop Information
Bobby's Shop
Statistics Levels Cost Buy XP Contract(s)
Limit +504 Passenger.png 
Income +42Income.png /h N/A 5,400 Glass.png
5,300 Steel.png
1,400 Cement.png
970 XP.png    30
Size 21 Space.png
Ratio 2.00 Income.png/Space.png
Other Information
Terminal is a Special Building that adds a bonus of +50% to the number of passengers and mail carried by Passenger Wagons Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png, Mail Wagons Icon Shop Mail Wagon.png, and Passenger & Mail Wagons Icon Shop PassMail Wagon.png pulled by International Trains when placed at any of the player's stations. The bonus also applies to Special Wagons Icon Shop XP Wagon.png.

Added to the Shop with the 16 Jun 2011 Game Update.

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