Type: Building
Theme: Nippon
Size: 21 Space
Regular Purchase
Cost: 550,000 Gold
135,000 Glass
100,000 U-235
Build XP: 21,500 XP
Level: 67
Limit: 1
Added with the 16 Jun 2011 Game Update..
Bobby's Shop
Passengers/hour: +42Passenger /h
Size: 21 Space
Ratio Passenger/Space: 2.00
Cost: 100,000 Glass
100,000 Steel
120,000 Rubber
Build XP: 25,000 XP
Other Information
Built for contract(s):
DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #30 (required)

Logo Special

Your International Trains can take +50% more passengers and mail, whenever the building is in use.

Terminal is a Special Building that adds a bonus of +50% to the number of passengers and mail carried by Passenger Wagons Icon Shop Passenger Wagon , Mail Wagons Icon Shop Mail Wagon , and Passenger & Mail Wagons Icon Shop PassMail Wagon pulled by International Trains. The bonus also applies to Special Wagons Icon Shop XP Wagon .

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