This is {{User Museum List}}, which should be called from the shortcut {{UML}}, and can only be used with {{UMLTable}}}!


  • name= - The name of the locomotive in just plain text (the template will create the links)
  • pwr= - The power of the locomotive

Always start your list with {{UMLTable|}}, and end it with {{EndTable}}!


{{UMLTable|}} <- the extra pipe "|" is required to reset the numbering between tables!
{{UML|name=Flying Scotsman|pwr=6}}
{{UML|name=Sparrow Hawk|pwr=7}}
{{UML|name=Big Boy|pwr=12}}

This will give:

# Name Pwr
1 Flying Scotsman 6
2 Sparrow Hawk 7
3 Big Boy 12

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