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This template accepts a single unnamed parameter, which is the name of an article page (infobox page) for a train set on this Wiki. The output is a link to the named page, followed by the "SET" marker from the game's Trains Manager. The template formats the link and logo to appear together on one line, with no line wrapping.


{{set|<title of train set infobox page>}}

The single parameter must be a valid page name for the set, with or without a redirect, and without [[ brackets ]]. For example:

  • {{set|Daylight Express}}
  • {{set|Adler (Set)}}
    • Please note that {{set|Adler}} will create a link to the Adler locomotive page, NOT the set page.
  • {{set|Pour Féliciter II}}
    • Clicking the link will send the user to the correct set page.

The examples above will generate the following output:

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