This Template can be used for send contracts in contract lists.
It works with unnamed parameters, to keep the code at a contractor page at a minimum.




  1. (required) - The amount of the first item to send.
  2. (required) - Name of the first item to send. (insert "any" in case of any item)
  3. (required) - Type of item: (add /r if it's a rewarded item, or /g if it's a gem option)
  4. (optional) - and/or.
5 - 7. (optional) - Same as 1 - 3 for second item.
8 - 10. (optional) - Same as 1 - 3 for third item.

Item Type Parameters

  • c - Cargo Wagon Icon Shop Cargo
  • p - Passenger Wagon Icon Shop Passenger Wagon
  • m - Mail Wagon Icon Shop Mail Wagon
  • d - Dual Wagon Icon Shop PassMail Wagon
  • x - XP Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon
  • s - Set Logo Set
  • sl - Steam Locomotive Icon Shop Loco
  • dl - Diesel Locomotive Icon Shop Diesel
  • el - Electric Locomotive Icon Shop Electric
  • ml - Maglev Locomotive Icon Shop Maglev
  • hl - Hyperloop Locomotive Icon Shop Hyperloop

Although the input is not Case Sensitive, it's recommended not to use UpperCase letters.


Send 4 Boston Icon Shop Mail Wagon

Send 4 ANY Icon Shop Hyperloop

Send 2 Legatus Icon Shop Maglev (Icon Storage Reward)

{{Send|10|Big Boy|sl|or|2|Pulse Laser|ml/g}}
Send 10 Big Boy Icon Shop Loco
Send 2 Pulse Laser Icon Shop Maglev (Gems)

{{Send|8|Garratt P Class|sl/r|and|8|Black Tiger|dl/r|8|IR WDP4|dl/r}}
Send 8 Garratt P Class Icon Shop Loco (Icon Storage Reward)
Send 8 Black Tiger Icon Shop Diesel (Icon Storage Reward)
Send 8 IR WDP4 Icon Shop Diesel (Icon Storage Reward)

Anything between parentheses will be automatically cut off from view, but is still required for proper linking
{{Send|4|Hyperion (Locomotive)|ml}}
Send 4 Hyperion Icon Shop Maglev

In case of a set to send, the template cuts off "(Set)" and automatically adds the <ref names="sets" /> tag
{{Send|8|Camouflage (Set)|s}}
Send 8 Camouflage Logo Set [1] 

  1. See the Train Sets page for more information on constructing sets.


This template was created by TrashTerrier
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