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Contractor Profile
This space is where Profile Text is displayed
Difficulty Easy
Portrait full Mrs. Wilma.png
Total Contracts 15
Minimum Level 10
Travel Time 30 minutes
Final Reward 50 Gems.png
Accepted Locomotives Steam
Shop Mrs. Wilma's Shop
Other Information The Story
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour
Contractor History


To save space, do not include empty parameters.

  • name - Name of the contractor.
  • year - In case of a seasonal contractor, enter the year.
  • difficulty - In case of a permanent contractor, enter the first letter (Easy/Medium/Hard)
  • event - In case of a seasonal contractor, enter the event.
  • time - Enter one of the below travel times:
    • 30 - 30-minutes.
    • 1h - 1-hour.
    • 2h - 2-hours.
    • 3h - 3-hours.
    • Without the parameter the travel time defaults to 4-hours.
  • number - The total number of contracts.
  • level - The minimum level.
  • reward - The final reward.
  • locos - Enter the accepted locomotives. (first letters, all uppercase)
  • contract - Enter the contract number where a contractor starts accepting another type of locomotive.
  • shop - If no Shop items, use n here for no shop (optional).
  • overview - This will add a link to a overview page for repeating contractors, use y to activate.

Blank template

{{Infobox contractor
|name = 
|year = 
|number = 
|event = 
|difficulty = 
|level = 
|time = 
|reward = 
|locos = 
|contract = 
|shop = 
|overview = 

DPL Uses

Notes following information require within {{Infobox contractor}}:

  • Date: Show current date for that contractor availability. This will show up on Contractor page and Contractor History page
|date = 
  • History: Show past contractor date availability. This will show up on Contractor History page
|hist = 
|hist1 = 
|theme =