For legacy support only! {{Cost}} now support discounts directly.
For a 20% discount just use {{Cost|XXX|disc=e}} (Extension) {{Cost|XXX|disc=t}} (Theme)

This is {{CostExch}}. It accepts the same input that {{Cost}} accepts, applies the 20% discount received for building the Stock Exchange, then produces output in the same format as {{Cost}}. This template is designed to be used in tandem with {{Cost}} when creating tables for buildings.


Users can input data for buildings much more quickly and easily than before. This template eliminates the need for users to calculate discounts themselves, eliminates errors in calculating or typing discounted prices, and eliminates inconsistencies between users when rounding. Just input cost data, copy and paste, change the name of the template, and that's it!!

{{CostExch}} is almost an exact duplicate of {{Cost}}, which was designed and created by Koppa Dasao. Koppa Dasao deserves all the credit for this template's logic, structure, and output. The only difference between this template and the original is the tiny amount of code used to calculate the discount.


  • {{CostExch|<resource1=amount1>}}
  • {{CostExch|<resource1=amount1>|<resource2=amount2>}}
  • {{CostExch|<resource1=amount1>|<resource2=amount2>|<resource3=amount3>}}
  • {{CostExch|<resource1=amount1>|<resource2=amount2>|<line=y>}}
    • resource1, resource2, resource3 = the names of the 18 different resources in the TrainStation game: gems, gold, and the 16 materials. (minimum: 4 characters)
    • amount1, amount2, amount3 = the amounts required of resource1, resource2, and resource3, respectively, to purchase an item. Always use plain numbers with no formatting, e.g. 1000000 (NOT 1,000,000 or 1.000.000 or 1 000 000).
    • The 2nd and 3rd parameters are optional. If the item requires only one or two resources, simply close the {{braces}}. DO NOT add extra pipes (|) for the unnecessary parameters.
    • Gems (Gems) always appear alone in an item's cost. No item in the game has a cost that includes gems plus another resource.
    • Optional parameter line, if present, will cause the output to display on one horizontal line.


NOTE: This template is designed to be used with {{Cost}}. {{CostExch}} should rarely be used alone, if ever.

{{CostExch|gold=10000}} gives...
8,000 Gold*

{{CostExch|gold=10000|wood=20000|bricks=123456}} gives...
8,000 Gold
16,000 Wood
98,765 Bricks

Example themes table (abbreviated)

{| border="0" class="article-table sortable" style="text-align:right;"
!scope="col" style="text-align:left;"| Name
!scope="col" style="text-align:right;"| Level
!scope="col" style="text-align:right;" class="unsortable"| Cost
!scope="col" style="text-align:right;" class="unsortable"| [[Discounts#Themes & extensions|Discounted Cost]]
|style="text-align:left;"| [[:Category:Metropolis Theme|Metropolis]]
| {{formatnum:50}}
| {{cost|gems=250}}
| {{CostExch|gems=250}}
|style="text-align:left;"| [[:Category:Nippon Theme|Nippon]]
| {{formatnum:60}}
| {{cost|gold=750000|wood=200000|ceme=75000}}
| {{costExch|gold=750000|wood=200000|ceme=75000}}
Name Level Cost Discounted Cost
Metropolis 50 250 Gems 200 Gems*
Nippon 60 750,000 Gold
200,000 Wood
75,000 Cement
600,000 Gold
160,000 Wood
60,000 Cement

Example horizontal output

Cost: {{Cost|wood=5000|bric=5000|sili=5000|line=y}}<br />
Disc.: {{CostExch|wood=5000|bric=5000|sili=5000|line=y}}

Cost: 5,000 Wood; 5,000 Bricks; 5,000 Silicon
Disc.: 4,000 Wood; 4,000 Bricks; 4,000 Silicon*

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