This template creates a link to a given Game Updates page.




This template works with unnamed parameters;

  1. Year - (required) - year in XXXX format.
  2. Month - (required) - numeric month without leading zeros.
  3. Day - (required) - numeric day without leading zeros.
  4. Version - (required) - numeric update version number (Game Update v0.425 would be 425).
  5. XXX - (optional) - Text explains for items has been added back to the shop.


Normal Format and Output Examples:

  • {{Added|2018|9|17|425}} = Added to the Shop with the 17 Sep 2018 Game Update.
  • {{Added}} = Added to the Shop at an unknown date.
    • Game update date unknown.
  • {{Added|2017|6|26|361|with adjusted statistics}} = Added back to the Shop with adjusted statistics with the 26 Jun 2017 Game Update.
    • Item has been added back into the shop with explanation reason.


This template was created by BentLauridsenDK.
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