Portrait small Tamar (2019)
Tamar's Contract Story (2019)
1 Hey there, stranger! My name is Tamar and I have this vision which I would like to follow - I would like to make the world a better, more educated place. It’s not a cliché if you have a plan! And I hope you will help me out here.
2 We have got to raise awareness about our cause! A small step for us, a great leap for the mankind - with these words in mind, let’s raise a Flag as well.
3 We will not be travelling door to door to let everyone know about us. This is 21st century, we let the internet do its thing and spread the word. But we will need coders first. And where do coders meet except Anime Expos? Coding Centre - that’s right!
4 I just love technology - the progress we have achieved as mankind is truly inspiring. Why don’t you send some Hyperloop trains my way and display the Tech which you possess?
5 I have not counted on the first Flag to raise THAT much of awareness. It seems that we are victims of our own success. We have to raise another Education Flag to show everyone that we mean business!
6 Achieving one’s vision can be quite costly. I am afraid that we will need more materials to move the chains again. A little help over here?
7 Now that we have got the coders working, we should put some HD visuals all over it to make it more appealing to all our followers. I believe we might attract some very talented people if we build the ArtBoost Arena. Catchy name!
8 That last building really drained my material stock. We should refill the stocks as soon as possible.
9 How about we think one step ahead and we add some more materials into the stocks in case we ever need it? It will cut the waiting time to half, or by 30% at least!
10 The time has come. We will decorate my station with the EduFactory Logo. It is easily memorable and everyone will recognize us and our cause right away! Let’s do it!
11 It seems that the Flag idea we had in the beginning was a really smart move. Flags are getting more and more popular! How about sending some Electric trains my way?There will be a lot of passengers on board - that means a lot of attention and awareness! And another Flag coming your way!
12 We have received our funding and it wasn’t even that difficult, was it? Everything is possible if you work hard enough! And after you complete this shipment of materials, I have a special reward for you. Yep - Gems!
13 We can’t stop our project now, we have to keep working hard, we are so close. I know I can count on you and your help. What about more materials? I promise it will all be worth it in the end!
14 Now that we have got our visuals and code, we need to put some idea makers in the field, I’m talking about designers. We need the documentation to be well prepared and so on.. So Dome of Design might come in handy! All the great minds can work with no interruptions
15 I have just got off the phone with our investor. Another batch of Hyperloop materials should make it clear to everyone that we aim higher than just a short term success. This is about legacy..
16 It’s time to put people first! All our hard working staff has been doing exactly that - working hard. They seem to enjoy their work less and less. We should build a park so they can hang around in it and put some happy thoughts in their heads again. We wouldn’t want to let them burn out.
17 In no universe I would have thought that Flags will have so much success. But this time, let’s see some Hyperloop trains before we give out another batch.
18 Almost there! Just a little bit more of the high-end materials and we can almost see the finish line here!
19 There’s something about butterflies that inspires me. They live for about a day, yet they live to their full potential and I am sure that they have a great time as well! We should pay them a tribute. And I know how - I will reward you with Butterfly locomotive for completing this task!
20 Everything is going as planned, this is great! But all my employees need a leader, their leads need a leader as well. Someone who can unite them for the proper cause. How about you? Or if you don’t feel like it, I will represent you on this mission. I should work on my soft skills, though.
21 Congratulations to both of us! We have made it. We have initiated the process of making the world a better place. With all the great minds united, there’s nothing that can stop us. Remember my friend, a pen is mightier than a sword. And education goes a long way. Enjoy your well deserved reward. By the way, that is an awesome looking Hyperloop set!
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