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TGV Duplex Icon Shop Electric
TGV Duplex
Type Icon Shop Electric (Electric)
Power 15 Icon Power
Tax 122 U-235
Dispatch XP 82 XP
Set TGV Duplex
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 24 Oct 2011 305 Gems 52,000 XP 68 Limit 1
Icon Shop VO Vintage 5 Sep 2012 305 Gems 52,000 XP 68 Limit 1
The TGV Duplex is a French high-speed train of the TGV family, operated by SNCF, the French national railway company. It is unique among TGV trains in that it features bi-level carriages. The Duplex inaugurated the third generation of TGV trainsets, and was specially designed to increase capacity on high-speed lines with saturated traffic. With two seating levels and a seating capacity of 545 passengers, the Duplex maximizes the number of passengers carried in one trainset. While the TGV Duplex started as a small component of the TGV fleet, it has become one of the system's main workhorses.
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