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T18-1001 Agile Icon Shop Loco
T18-1001 Agile
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 20 Icon Power
Tax 710 Gold
Dispatch XP 68 XP
Set Agile Express
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Logo Limited Limited 18 Apr 2016-
16 May 2016
4,850,000 Gold 48,000 XP 103 Limit 2
Logo Limited Limited 12 Jun 2017-
19 Jun 2017
4,850,000 Gold 48,000 XP 103 Limit 3
Logo Limited Limited 22 Jul 2019-
12 Aug 2019
4,850,000 Gold 48,000 XP 103 Limit 3
The Krupp-Zoelly condensing turbine locomotive T18-1001 had a 6-stage forward turbine that developed 2000 hp at 6800rpm. The reverse turbine had 3 stages. Delivered to the LVA (Locomotive Testing Plant) in 1928 and withdrawn after being hit by a bomb in 1940. The locomotive originally had a "streamline casing" in place, which was later removed for easier maintenance.
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