Summer Games Achievements are Seasonal Achievements available for a limited time during the Summer Games event.


The CompetitorEdit

AVAILABILITY: 1 Aug 2016 - 22 Aug 2016

Level: 28 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement The Competitor I The Competitor I
Deliver 11,000 Wood
Whistle 30 Whistle 4,000
Achievement The Competitor II The Competitor II
Build 5 Icon Shop Building at your station
Material 7,000 Glass 2,000
Achievement The Competitor III The Competitor III
Unload 60 wagons by Local or Express trains
Icon Shop Diesel 1x MLW M-420
Icon Shop Diesel, 7 Icon Power

The Runner-upEdit

AVAILABILITY: 1 Aug 2016 - 22 Aug 2016

Level: 91 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement The Runner-up I The Runner-up I
Dispatch 100 Icon Shop Diesel by Local or IT trains
Icon Shop Flag 2x Excellent Boost
50% Passenger , 50%  Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement The Runner-up II The Runner-up II
Collect 40 mail packages from your own or your friends stations
Whistle 50 Whistle 15,000
Achievement The Runner-up III The Runner-up III
Send 14 Icon Shop Electric IT trains
Gems 10 Gems 20,000

The ChampionEdit

AVAILABILITY: 1 Aug 2016 - 22 Aug 2016

Level: 155 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement The Champion I The Champion I
Build Brazilian Stadium Icon Shop Building at your station
Whistle 60 Whistle 150,000
Achievement The Champion II The Champion II
Use 80 Whistle
Icon Shop Flag 3x Impressive Boost
60% Passenger , 60%  Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement The Champion III The Champion III
Dispatch 340 trains
Gems 15 Gems 210,000
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