To help maintain consistancy throughout the site, here are some general guidlines for making edits on the Wikia.


Tables should use the class="article table" with the borader and cells set to 0 and the width set to 650, height undefined.

Bonus should be enter as the number and % sign, right justified.


Guidelines for filling in Infobox information


When adding images, contexts for the image field should be as follow:


Please note that spaces and capitalization are critical for Wikia articles. For example, test_picture.png and Test_Picture.png are completely different things!

Multi Entries

If an item requires multiple entries, such as awards with multple contracts or train sets with multiple different passenger cars, the items should be seperated with <br /> so that they appear on individual lines
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3


In general, all names should relect the case and spelling within the TrainStation game itself. There are special cases that require additional modification:

Train Sets

For most sets the locomotive name is different from the set name itself therefore the set name can be used as shown in the game. For those instances where the set name is the same as the locomotive '(Set)' should be added to the end to denote the distinction between the locomotive and the set itself.
TrainStation Set Name Locomotive Name Wikia Set Name
Bathurst AD60 Garratt Bathurst
Hudson Hudson Yellowbelly Hudson
T1-GER T1-GER T1-GER (Set)
Shanghai MT Shanghai MT Shanghai MT (Set)
PF II Train Set PF F140 MS PF II Train Set


Items that are awarded via the completion of contracts should be noted with the name of the contract and the specific contract number for which it is awarded. (As per the style used in the TrainStation game in the Buyback Shop.) Items that are awarded over multiple contracts should either reference the individual contracts or the contract person in general:
Item Reference Example
Train Wagon Lucy #4

Bobby #15

Train Set Mahatma #6
Mahatma #9
Mahatma #23
Train Set Mahatma Contracts


When adding images to TrainStation there are a few guidelines we like to follow.

  • all images should be .png not .jpg or .gif
  • if possible, remove the background from the image
  • crop the image to eliminate blank space
  • when uploading, please select the "Fair Use" option from the list of options
Naamloos The first step to adding a picture to the Wiki is getting the raw image. The best way to do it is from the Shop. Clicking on the image will open the Preview screen. You can copy it to your computer's clipboard using the Print Screen button. You can then paste the image into a program like Paint or Photoshop.
Naamloos1 You can now crop some of the blue space out of the picture to make it easier to work on.
Naamloos2 In Photoshop, you can use the "Magic Erase" tool to remove the background. In SumoPaint it is called the Magic Wand Tool. You will have to adjust the settings to find one that removes the background but doesn't destroy the details of the picture.
NSB BM73 Once that is done, crop the image to remove all of the empty space and save it. Remember to select "Fair Use" as the license type when uploading it to the Wiki.
Naamloos3 Now you can add the picture to the article. The templates have all been updated, so all you have to do it put in the file name.

The images and the steps were all contributed by Bartsmid.


If you have created a new page, after publishing be sure to check the categories at the bottom of page. Add any categories that may be missing to help with classification.

Award items

When listing a contract or achievement award, follow the following style.


Name, type power

IR WDM-2, Diesel 9 Icon Power

Passenger Wagons

Name type bonus

Lakeside (Passenger+10%)

Cargo Wagons

Name type bonus

Lakeside (Passenger+10%)


Name, pass/hr, size

Greenwich (92/h Passenger, 20 Space)

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