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Steam Special 2101 Icon Shop Loco
Steam Special 2101
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 103 Icon Power
Tax 3,500 Gold
Dispatch XP 1,010 XP
Set Special 2101 (+155%)
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 5 Jun 2018 320 Gems 128,900 XP 90 Limit 2
Icon Shop VO Vintage 30 Dec 2018 275 Gems 128,900 XP 50 Limit 3
Reading 2101 is a 4-8-4 "Northern" type steam locomotive constructed in 1945 for use by the Reading Company as a member of the T1 class. Constructed from an earlier 2-8-0 locomotive built in 1923, the 2101 handled heavy coal train traffic for the Reading until being retired in 1959. Withheld from scrapping, the 2101 served as emergency backup power for the three other T1 locomotives serving the Reading's "Iron Horse Rambler" excursions until being sold for scrap in 1964. In 1975, the locomotive was restored to operation from scrapyard condition in an emergency 30-day overhaul after being selected to pull the first eastern portion of the American Freedom Train. After being involved in a roundhouse fire in 1979, the 2101 was traded to the B&O Railroad Museum in exchange for the Chesapeake & Ohio 614. Today the locomotive remains on display in its American Freedom Train paint scheme.
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