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Contractor Profile Spring Wilma (overview)
Easter is Mrs. Wilma’s favorite time of the year so she decided to prepare a few surprises for you.
Event Spring
Portrait full Spring Wilma (2017).png
Available 26 Mar - 16 Apr 2018
Total Contracts 7
Minimum Level 170
Travel Time 4 hours
Final Reward 75 Resource Gems.png
Accepted Locomotives Icon Shop Steam.png  Icon Shop Diesel.png  Icon Shop Electric.png  Icon Shop Maglev.png
Shop Spring Wilma's Shop (2017)
Other Information The Story
Contractor History

Contract list[]

# Objective Reward Train Ride XP.png
1 Deliver 230,000 Resource Cement.png 1 Hunter Tail
(Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png,
430 Resource Passenger.png, +100%)
Hunter Tail
2 Deliver 240,000 Resource Marble.png 15 Hunter 1st class
(Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png,
350 Resource Passenger.png, +100%)
Hunter 1st class
3 Build 1 Fritz's Schenke Icon Shop Building.png
• Cost: 260,000 Resource Cement.png; 260,000 Resource Marble.png
1 Fritz's Schenke
(Icon Shop Building.png , +160 Resource Income.png/h,
10 Misc Space.png)
Fritz's Schenke (2017)
4 Send 150 Wood Shipper Icon Shop Cargo.png
Send 5 Maxima Wood Icon Shop Cargo.png
6 Hunter VIP
(Icon Shop Passenger Wagon.png,
450 Resource Passenger.png, +120%)
Hunter VIP
5 Deliver 265,000 Resource Gravel.png 1 Hunter
(Icon Shop Electric.png, 22 Icon Shop Power.png)
6 Build 1 Rabbit Hotel Icon Shop Building.png
• Cost: 200,000 Resource Wood.png; 350,000 Resource Gravel.png
1 Rabbit Hotel
(Icon Shop Building.png , +216 Resource Income.png/h,
12 Misc Space.png)
Rabbit Hotel (2017)
7 Send 2 Hunter Express Logo Set.png [1] (Icon Storage Reward.png) 75 Resource Gems.png 80,000
  1. See the Train Sets page for more information on constructing sets.

Train Sets Rewarded[]

Spring Wilma gives the following train sets as a reward for completing her contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.


Spring 2017.png