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Spook's Disco Icon Shop Building
Spook's Disco
Type Building
Theme Transylvania
Limit +744 Passenger
Income +124 Income/h
Size 27 Space
  4.59 / Space  
Award Information
Award From Anastasia #3 Limit 1
Contract shop Information
Anastasia's Shop (2015)
Statistics Levels Cost Buy XP Contract(s)
Limit +744 Passenger 
Income +62 Income/h N/A 10,000 Bricks
5,000 Glass
15,000 Cement
2,800 XP    3
Size 27 Space
Ratio 2.30 Income/Space
Other Information
This building is animated; the light colors change and there is a random laser light show.
This building appeared in Anastasia's Shop (2015) under the name "Spook's Disco". The building Anastasia rewarded to players appeared in game Storage under the name "Spooks Disco".
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