Snowy Metropolis
Theme SnowyMetropolis
Type: Theme
Gem Purchase
Cost Normal Discount
120 Gems 96 Gems
Buy XP 11,000 XP
Level 52

The Snowy Metropolis theme is a seasonal background available for purchase in TrainStation. After purchase, it can be found in Storage. It features a modified version of the Metropolis with snow covered ground. The above screenshot shows the Christmas Night enhancement with the North Star and 'shooting stars' raining down.


Contractors that have this theme as the background for their stations:

The infobox displays the most recent cost data for this item.

2014 data:
Gem purchase: 200 Gems
Regular purchase: 90,000 Nails; 175,000 Fuel; 170,000 Steel Buy XP: 14,000 XP
Level: 12

2013 data:
Available for gems purchase only.
Buy XP: 1,400 XP
Level: 12


Snowy Metropolis Theme screenshot
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