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Logo TS.png
Skyscraper Icon Shop Building.png
Type Building
Theme New York
Limit +372 Passenger.png
Income +62 Income.png/h
Size 10 Space.png
  6.20 / Space.png  
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost N/A Cost 180 Gemsr.png
Buy XP Buy XP 5,000 XPr.png
Level Level 55
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Logo Limited.png Limited 29 Jul 2019-
12 Aug 2019
90 Gems.png 2,100 XP.png 54 Limit 8
Award Information
Award From Sam #21 Limit 2
Contract shop Information
Sam's Shop
Statistics Levels Cost Buy XP Contract(s)
Limit +180 Passenger.png 
Income +15Income.png /h N/A 20,000 Glass.png
15,000 Cement.png
3,100 XP.png    21
Size 10 Space.png
Ratio 1.50 Income.png/Space.png
Other Information
This building can be seen on the Contractor Station of Christopher.
Added to the Shop with the 8 Nov 2012 Game Update.
Theme changed to New York with the 30 Aug 2016 Game Update.
Removed from the Shop with the 12 Sep 2016 Game Update.
Data corrected for Sam's shop with the 28 Nov 2016 Game Update.