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Shivaji Tower Icon Shop Special Building.png
Shivaji Tower.png
Type Special Building
Specialty +5 Flag capacity
Theme Orient
Size 12 Misc Space.png
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 7,800,000 Resource Steel.png
7,200,000 Resource Cement.png
6,800,000 Resource Plastics.png
Cost 350 Resource Gems.png
Buy XP 1,100,000 Train Ride XP.png Buy XP 1,100,000 Train Ride XP.png
Level 347 Level 298
Limit 1 Limit 1
Other Information
This building allows the player to increase the station's flag capacity by +5 flags.
Added to the Shop with the 7 Jul 2014 Game Update.
Data corrected with the 28 Nov 2016 Game Update.