Portrait small Santa (2018)
Santa's Contract Story (2018)
1 Ho-ho-ho! This winter is pretty freezing, right? It started earlier than ever before and these tons of snow are quite unusual, I must say. We should investigate, but first let's make some space on the station.
2 Even my dear reindeer Rudolph is complaining about the coldness. His red nose has almost turned white and he’s getting really hungry. I mustn’t let him starve.
3 Last night, I had a dream about my old friend, the Snow Queen. We used to go to the same school in North Pole but our paths mysteriously divided after someone broke her heart. I wonder if she has something to do with this harsh ice cold winter. We should visit her asap!
4 There there, what a nice little snow queendom she has. Look! There are some building works going on. Rudolph is hungry, so I guess that we can build here something too. I hope that Snow Queen won’t mind.
5 Shhh… quiet! Snow Queen is furious! She saw Rudolph eating his dinner in her backyard which seemed to be an unpleasant surprise for her. She also looked really sad.
6 Before I talk to the Snow Queen, we have to make sure that there will be enough presents for all the kids around the world.
7 The elves can’t wait to start making the presents. We will need tons of materials for our workshop.
8 That was a generous batch of materials! And so is gonna be this Christmas. Let’s start building but make as little noise as possible - we don’t want to wake our queen up.
9 Snow Queen’s heart is cold as ice. I wish I could melt it just a little!
10 It’s well known that Snow Queen has a sweet tooth. Follow me to the chocolate factory.
11 Meanwhile, we’ll need to fill our material stock a little. If you send me more materials, I’ll bake you the best gingerbread in the world. That’s a good deal, right?
12 My dearest elves made a gigantic chocolate fireplace for the Snow Queen. Let’s put it in front of her palace and wait if it’s gonna make her heart warmer.
13 Look - she’s literally stuffing her face with chocolate, ha ha! I think we’re on the right path… However, our mission isn’t over yet. This Christmas is gonna be more generous than ever and we’re gonna need a bigger workshop.
14 Ooops, I dropped the shipment! Please be patient with me, I’m just an old man trying to do his job. Here’s some Mulled wine to ease your hard work. Cheers!
15 Mulled wine is really tasty, right? But let’s build the second part of workshop before we get too tipsy. I can cook you some more afterwards!
16 Snow Queen pretends to be cold but you should see her doll collection! We’ll Make her the most beautiful doll for Christmas.
17 Remember that Snow Queen is very picky when it comes to dolls. These won’t be cheap to make so we’ll need some more coins to make them fabulous.
18 When we’re done with the factory, we can invite Snow Queen to pick her doll. I hope she’ll be willing to talk to us, haha. We better hurry up, because it’s freezing outside!
19 Snow Queen pretends not to be impressed by the dolls, but she picked one and I bet she loves it!
20 Let’s melt Snow Queen’s heart once and for all. This time, it’s now or never!
21 Have you seen the queen? Her cheeks are red again and she looks waaay happier! She loves our gift and we’ll certainly not freeze this winter. Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas to you all!
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