Portrait small Santa (2016)
Santa's Contract Story (2016)
1 This year's Christmas is going to be a bit different: my wife, Mrs. Claus, will kindly take care of the presents because I have a very special thing to organize: a penguin swimming race! I hope that my penguins will finally defeat the team of Gustav from Denmark, my old nemesis. They haven't lost a single race yet but we'll show them! Mrs. Claus needs help so send her my elf friends Ralphie and Rudy.
2 We're in trouble! The lake where we used to train froze overnight. First of all let's plow the snow.
3 Penguins love to train outside but if we really want to win, we need a better place. Brace yourself because we're going to build North Pole's first stadium with an indoor swimming pool!
4 I bet that Gustav's team has never trained in such a modern sportsplace, ha! Hurry up, the race is getting closer each day.
5 We have the best materials and penguins are really looking forward to their new sportsgound. We better build it quickly before Gustav finds out. No matter what i do, he's always copying me!
6 Penguins are natural born swimmers but they can get better. I'm sure that a proper swim gear will be a worthy investment.
7 Gustav was here! Look at my poor penguins, they can barely swim! That old grump must have put something into the water which made them sick. Bring in the best doctors while I clean the pool.
8 Penguins are fit again but have you seen our stadium? Gustav robbed and broke our precious gym equipment. Oh, how dare he?! Let's repair it so we can train again.
9 This race won't be cheap: I'd like to serve Glühwein with cookies and the stadium also has to be properly decorated. A little sponsorship from your pocket would be highly appreciated.
10 Penguins are training so hard that they even lost a few pounds of fat! They get really cold after the swim and they would love to warm up in a nice sauna.
11 I told my team about the sauna and they are absolutely excited! I hope that they won't exchange it for the swimming pool though...
12 A professional pool and now a sauna? Even the Olympic racers don't have such fancy training conditions! Not to mention Gustav's amateur team...
13 Race is near and family support is very important! I invited a few friends and relatives of my penguins to encourage them so please, send them over.
14 Hmmm... penguin families are here but what next? They can't sleep in my house - my wife is upset and nervous, that she doesn't let even me in.
15 Mrs. Claus needs more helpers because her elves got sick. My friends from Greenland will gladly come over, please book them a train. And show them our sauna - they will be impressed for sure!
16 I have a brilliant idea: if we find the right resources, we can build a penguin hotel. Oh boy, I hope Mrs. Claus isn't too mad at me for making her organize Christmas...
17 Everything is prepared so let's start building! Remember: penguins love to stay together so order enough of king size beds!
18 Wonderful! Penguins are super excited, unlike my wife. And it's all my fault! The elves who I sent to help her are quite naughty and Christmas is around the corner. Flowers soften every woman's heart, don't they?
19 Allright then, exception proves the rule. And Mrs. Claus is quite exceptional, if you know what I mean. One rose won't be enough, I must surprise her with something bigger.
20 I'll tell you a secret: if I don't make it up to Mrs. Claus, I might have to spend the Christmas Eve alone. But I'm really desperate! Do you have any ideas?
21 You're a genius! Not a flower, not a bouquet but a beautiful romantic winter garden! If Mrs. Claus doesn't forgive me now, please book me a room in the penguin hotel.
22 It worked! I'm even allowed to sleep on the couch, hooray. Marriage aside, let's focus on the race: penguins need a final advice from a true professional so I invited the best swimming coach - Mr. Butterfly. I hope he'll arrive soon because the race is taking place tomorrow!
23 This winter is so beautiful, take a look around! Everything is white except from the losing team's coach Gustav who is green with envy. Cheers to our victory!
24 All that struggle was worth it: my penguins won the race, Mrs. Claus loves me again and she even managed to ship all the gifts on time. Have a peaceful Christmas and if you need to warm up or go for a swim, you know who to call!
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