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Santa's Contract Story (2013)
  • [You can see Santa approaching] "Ho ho ho! Well if it isn't my old railroad friend! I hope you haven't forgotten me for I remember you all too well! I have watched your deeds closely and know you've helped a large number of people this year. As a reward, I want you to spend Christmas with me and my friends at the North Pole. You'll take a good rest and if you find yourself bored, you can always help us decorate the Christmas Town. What do you say?"
  • [Grump]: "Bah! Another visitor? Why!"
  • [Santa]: "The closer the Christmas, the more mail I get. Forsooth, all those letters no longer fit into my mailbox, haha! Perhaps you could give old Santa a hand in this matter, hm?"
  • [Grump]: "Letters, postcards, wishes! Everybody yearns, longs, hungers! They need more, more, MORE! GRRR!"
  • [Santa]: "What a surprise! It seems toy trains and train models are the most desired presents of almost every child this year! So nice! I can only hope we have enough wood in store for all those little trains."
  • [Grump]: "Nice? Kids will turn to adults and wooden trains will no longer do the trick! But I won't sit by and watch it happen. I will end this unshamed pursuit of material possessions!"
  • [Santa]: "Oh no! This is a disaster, what's happened here? My workshop and home have been completely burnt and destroyed! And the poor Christmas tree has been cut down! Who dared...? Wait, what's the blue thing over there in the snow? Is that... a snowman?"
  • [Grump]: "Muhahahaha!"
  • [Santa]: "I don't know how have we deserved this, but the evidence clearly shows it was the doing of the wicked Grump! He tried to completely ruin our peaceful Christmas. But we shall not allow this! Just think of how many children hope for Santa's present! That's the reason why we must build a new workshop first – the lack of presents cannot put Christmas in danger! I will deal with Grump later."
  • [Grump]: "You will never make it in time, never!!"
  • [Santa]: "Thank you my friend! You've provided enough bricks, but the elves who stayed in town tell me we'll also need wood from the deep northern forests and nails forged by polar elves. But beware! Don't cut down trees in the nearest woods, this town MUST be surrounded by unspoiled nature!"
  • [Grump]: "As if unspoiled nature was what Christmas is about! Bah!"
  • [Santa]: "Wonderful, the only thing missing now is some glass for the workshop's windows. Hopefully we won't allow those little hardworking elves to freeze!"
  • [Grump]: "Let them freeze, their toys are useless anyway! In a few weeks, they'll all end up forgotten in garbage!"
  • [Santa]: "Well! Everything's prepared for the new workshop. A sad task awaits us, we must clear away the remains of the old workshop. Though I fear we're short of a few hands if we want to complete it before Christmas!"
  • [Grump]: "You keep trying. I'm up to some more mischief!"
  • [Santa]: "The new workshop does not have to be situated in the exact same spot as the old one. Feel free to find it a new place. The elves have sent a word they'd like to have a nice view of the forest."
  • [Grump]: "Pffft!"
  • [Santa]: "Outstanding, outstanding! The elves could start working in the new workshop right away, but when they saw the fire, they've fled in all directions. Please! Please bring those poor souls home!"
  • [Grump]: "He calls them poor souls? How can they be poor when there's someone who loves them..."
  • [Santa]: "What? Grump scared the elves farther away from home than you had expected? Well, there are many elves and little time till Christmas, but I just know you will find them all!"
  • [Grump]: "All of them will perish of cold by then!"
  • [Santa]: *sad* "The evergreen Christmas tree became a sign of the undying life even during the most severe winters... And now our tree is cut down and dead. The town dwellers will not admit it, but I can see how it troubles them. I want to rectify this terrible naughtiness, but where to get a new Christmas tree if we want to avoid despoiling surrounding woods?"
  • [Grump]: "I will despoil them, just you wait!"
  • [Santa]: "Lovely trees! Young, healthy... and grown especially for replanting? Well you sure have brought lots of them! I wish there was more space for all of the trees in our town, the village people would perk up so much!"
  • [Grump]: "Perk up or not, trees will not save your Christmas!"
  • [Santa]: "You have done more than well! Finally there's enough space for planting those young evergreens. Come on now, don't be shy, plant as many as you want and wherever you want!"
  • [Grump]: *angrily* "GrrrrAaaaaaargh!"
  • [Santa]: "Hmmm, the trees stand tall and proud, but there's something missing. Of course, the decorations! If you get some, we'll decorate the trees together, alright? By the way, Mrs. Claus says hello and sends you this yummy cake, for you are surely starving."
  • [Grump]: "A c-cake? Warm and sweet-smelling!" *hungry look*
  • [Santa]: "Adorning the Christmas tree with decorative bells and snowflakes would gladden my heart greatly. Oh I can't wait to see it done, it will cheer up all the elves in low spirits, I am sure of it!"
  • [Grump]: "Oh yes, let us all feel sorry for the poor little elves and pay no attention to Grump! As usual!" *it seemed to you there was a hint of jealousy in his voice*
  • [Santa]: *looks nostalgic* "Did you know that many many years ago, the Christmas Eve could only be celebrated once the first star appeared in the sky? People have forgotten about this custom, but still it lives on as the star-shaped tree topper. I love looking at it so very much."
  • [Grump]: "Hrmpf. That may be the only thing I understand about Christmas. Being lonely like the star atop the Christmas tree."
  • [Santa]: "Well, we have our tree, but I bet the others would also savour the scent of fir and the glitter of Christmas decorations at home. Also, Mrs. Claus sends word that if you deliver trees and decorations to the whole town, she'll make you any meal you desire!"
  • [Grump]: *stomach rumbling*
  • [Santa]: "Ahh, it instantly looks much more... Christmas-y. Everything slowly returns to normal, but my reindeers are restlessly prancing and pawing as if they knew it'll be snowing soon. Alas, me and Mrs. Claus need to build a new house before it starts!"
  • [Grump]: "... and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
  • [Santa]: "Oh! Are you back already? If you keep this up, you'll probably manage to help me build the house before the heavy snowfall! And yes, we *could* start building right now, but I don't want to ask for help the elves from factory. Surely we can find other helpers so that the factory elves work with no interruptions."
  • [Grump]: "Haha! So Christmas without snow is bad, but Christmas with snow and no house is also bad?"
  • [Santa]: "So! We now have almost all the material we need, save for window glass. I can't wait! There'll be cold and howling wind, but I'll be nice and warm inside with Mrs. Claus!"
  • [Grump]: *looks sad*
  • [Santa]: "You can almost smell the snow in the air, we should hurry up! We must get help and make space for my new house. Saving Christmas is still my top priority, but I want Mrs. Claus to have a roof over her head when the frosts set in."
  • [Grump]: "You won't make it in time, the snow is about to fall, muhahaha!"
  • [Santa]: "Oh what beauty! All this time I've been worried about snowing, but look how indescribably beautiful it looks now that it's here! The quiet of the night and the softness of colors have enchanted me completely... Don't get me wrong, I will be thankful for the new house, but I shall never forget the grace of this night."
  • [Grump]: "He's happy even though he didn't manage to build his house in time! How come he's not furious!"
  • [Santa]: "Thank you very much! But what shall we do with our good old Grump?"
  • [Grump]: "Better ask yourselves what will good old Grump do with you!"
  • [Santa]: "I know why you're so grumpy all the time. But I also know how to cure this sulkiness of yours. You miss home and that's the most important thing at Christmas! It reminds us of the true Christmas values to which we are drawn. The first value of Christmas is the close connection between man and nature. Come, you'll help me decorate our new house with wreaths symbolizing the presence and significance of nature."
  • [Santa]: "It wasn't that bad, what do you say Grumpy?"
  • [Grump]: *tries to act indifferently*
  • [Santa]: "Perhaps you're not completely convinced yet. But the second value - gratitude - will certainly ring a little bell in your heart. There are things in our lives that we can all be grateful for. And those things are represented by Christmas stockings. You can hang some in our home too!"
  • [Santa]: "So Grumpy, do you feel grateful yet? I, for instance, am grateful for YOU, for I can tell you are trying. And I appreciate that, I really do."
  • [Grump]: *a little shy smile appears on his face*
  • [Santa]: "Seems like the Christmas spirit has caught up with you after all. Let me tell you an old story. Many ages ago, people would light candles in their windows to show the way to pilgrims and lonely souls straight to their table. And so the candle represents goodness, hospitality and our third Christmas value. Come, let us light a candle together."
  • [Santa]: "You're good with fire, I'll give you that, haha! Don't worry, I'm not mad at you for the destruction of my workshop anymore. It is not proper for Santa - or anyone else - to harbour anger and grievance in his soul. Even less so at Christmas!"
  • [Grump]: *looks very guilty and ashamed*
  • [Santa]: "Never mind that. Tonight is the Christmas Eve, on a night like this one must fill one's heart with everything we've talked about Grumpy - fondness for nature, gratitude, hospitality, but above all - love. And that is the last, yet the most important value of Christmas. Love and its symbol - the mistletoe."
  • [Grump]: *hands Santa a Christmas present* Merry Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Claus! I know I have troubled you more than enough, but you have shown me the real meaning of Christmas and although it's NOT giving presents, I want to give you one anyway."
  • [Santa]: *surprised* "Dear me! Honestly, a present is the last thing I had expected! I'm happy you were able to open your heart to Christmas spirit. I guess it's time to change your name to something nicer and more appropriate!
  • [Grump]: "I'll leave it to your friend. I have one more desire - to make everyone feel what I have felt. Let us share the Christmas values with everyone!"
  • [Santa]: "Hush hush! I've decided to gift Grump with a present too! What do you think? Will you join in? Can you find it in yourself to forgive someone who almost ruined our Christmas? But we have to keep it our secret!"
  • [Grump]: "I don't even deserve so many presents! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! But there's too many of them. I'd love to share them with those who weren't as lucky as me to spend the Christmas with Santa in his home."
  • [Santa]: "Ho ho hooo! So much merriment and cheer! I must admit I like this company and it looks like the elves are enjoying themselves too. Come, let's get some more presents to give away. No heart shall remain sad or forgotten!"
  • [Santa]: "Ah, the New Year will be here before you know it. We must take care of our guests - provide them with good food, drinks, fun and arrange the best New Year's entertainment for everyone! To be honest, I've never done it before, I usually sit by the hearth with Mrs. Claus and the elves and tell stories from ages long past. Would you help old Santa organize a "party", as you now call it?
  • [Grump]: "Me too! I want to help too!"
  • [Santa]: "Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve. Would you believe it? Time goes by so fast... and everything changes just as the seasons. Aaa, the seasons. Wait, what year is coming up? Santa has seen more years than you can count!"
  • [Santa]: "Happy New Year 2014! Only yesterday you've been a weeping toddler and no one knew what would become of you and look at yourself now - all grown up and so skilled at managing train stations! Aah yes, how the time flies. If I had an appropriate drink, I would drink a toast with you. To an even better year than the last one. And even more reformed Grumps!"
  • [Grump]: "This was my most beautiful holiday ever! Thank you for everything you have done for me... and... fixed after me. And of course, I am most grateful to Santa. I have a secret surprise for him - people have written many letters of thanks for his presents and the visit. If you deliver them to him, he will be exhilarated for months! What do you say?"
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