Portrait small Santa (2012)
Santa's Contract Story (2012)
1 Hello my friend! I decided to move my Christmas operations to the city this year. Could you please remove those scary Halloween pumpkins from the streets while I pick a suitable office for me?
2 I found a perfect building for my office, but those investors don't accept my precious gems as a payment. Can you buy the place for me? I am sure you can put a good use to those gems.
3 The office is great, but it is empty. I need to call my faithful elves. The problem is, they don't like urban buildings. Please, build them some house they like.
4 Office is ready, houses are ready, let's bring the elves here, they are looking forward to it already. The wagons I gave you are suited precisely for my elves.
5 Now this is a problem. All the letters are still arriving at my old mailbox at the north pole. Be so kind and bring it here, thank you. You can place it in front of my office, for example.
6 Finally, we can get to work! But... I don't feel like it. The environment is too depressing. Light up our spirits with some nice festive decorations! The city will look better, trust me!
7 That's more like it! Please, let the letters with Christmas wishes flow into my office, if you still want to help my cause. We can't afford to wait any longer!
8 Your trains are more than a match for my reindeer when it comes to delivering mail, it seems. If you can keep using your railway for this duty, we can let the reindeers rest a bit.
9 There are just too many letters, this office building cannot handle them like my magic post office back at the north pole. Please, acquire another building for our mail service.
10 Some shops would like to move into the city, to be in touch with me. They want to deliver their goods on time as well. If you could help them with finding a suitable place, it would be great.
11 That shop building looks awesome! Such beautiful Christmas decorations... We have to match them with our decorations. Quick, help me with one of those great ideas of yours!
12 Now that the city looks better than ever before, I would like to see it from above. My sleigh didn't get permission to take off from local airports. My gems for your balloon, deal?
13 The city looks nice from above, but balloons will probably never be my favourite means of transportation. My balloon for your safe and comfortable train transportation, deal?
14 I decided to move my gift factory to the city as well. Please deliver some gravel, we will need that. I saw what wagons you use for gravel and I will prepare something more festive for you.
15 The construction site is ready. If you could build the factory for me, I would be very grateful. Payment in gems, of course.
16 Look. I have seen your freight fleet. I don't say it is bad, but those wagons don't like me. And I don't like them. Bring me your wagons and I will modify them to look better.
17 Do you like your new Christmas wagons? If you do, feel free to send me another batch, it will be my pleasure to modify them too.
18 There is a problem. It is too cold for my elves to work outside. At the North Pole base, I usually ask Snowmen for help. Can you hire some of those good guys?
19 Great! The factory is fully operational now, thanks to you! Bring me some material and I will craft a fine gift for you!
20 If you prove you can use more wagons, then I can give you some more, why not? You deserve them, for sure!
21 Now I could use some material to make gifts for other people too. Please, help me spread the spirit of Christmas.
22 I am willing to reward you for helping me with the gifts, but I am a bit short of steel. Can you get me some?
23 I am afraid people will forget about my reindeers because of your trains. Will you help me build a monument for my faithful animals?
24 The Christmas is near. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Let's raise the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world!
25 Merry Christmas! Let people come to the city by your glorious trains! And don't forget to pick up your gift. I made it personally.
26 The city is nice, but it's time to move back to my North Pole house. Will you help me? You are most welcome to visit my place, of course!
27 My North Pole sign seems to be somewhere under snow. Please, help me find it and place it properly, so no one gets lost.
28 Thank to your trains, I don't need to use my sleigh at the moment. If you keep your trains coming and going, you can use my sleigh. You can see my landing wasn't the smoothest one.
29 I need my Elven friends here, to help me with stuff. You can have the office building if you bring our little friends from there.
30 Don't ask me why, but I packed the Christmas trees too. Bring them to me, please. I will keep the decorations, you can have the trees. They are strong and beautiful.
31 Of course I cannot operate my base completely without my winterproof snowmen. Will you be so kind and bring them here too, please?
32 I have been so much in hurry that I almost forgot about the New Year. They have a big countdown display in the city. I am afraid we don't have time for that. Something smaller will have to do.
33 Happy New Year, my friend! The old one was good, let the new be even better!
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