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Samuel's Contract Story
1 Finally we meet! I’ve heard so much about your train magnet skills that I couldn’t wait to see you in person. My name is Samuel and I hope you’re ready for a new adventure here in Africa.
2 My homeland is such a wonderful country full of great people and I’d love to make the most of its potential. I am sure that we’ll achieve something great together.
3 My main goal is to modernize the infrastructure and take tourism into another level. Therefore, we’ll need the most modern and hi-tech materials possible.
4 Is it true that you own one of the fastest hyperloop trains available at the moment? I’d love to take a few rides!
5 That was fun! But back to business. We may get some subsidy from the government but it’s always better to rely on our own resources, right?
6 Materials are one thing, but finances are important too. We need both to achieve our goals so let’s put a generous dose of Gold to our account.
7 I’d like to start with the infrastructure development as soon as possible and although we’re both train magnates, air transport would help us greatly. Send in some more materials!
8 I’m incredibly proud to see how fast we progress together! Let’s hope that this airport will also help my country with tourism.
9 Believe it or not - hundreds of tourists have visited this place since we’ve built the airport. They are honestly interested in getting to know our culture so I thought that we could improve the service and sightseeing options.
10 In the meantime, make sure to refill the material stock. We’re missing mostly aerogel and maybe something more… od dear, what was it?
11 Nanotubes, of course! After you send me the shipment, I’ll show you my plan of the national sights reconstruction.
12 People would love to find out more about my country’s history. So, let’s show them some typical homes from the old times.
13 We also need a unique building which would attract visitors in the city. I’ve received many building plans but this one really caught my eye. Would you mind to have a look?
14 Now it’s time to check if our train fleet needs some reparations. I’m sure you could take the engines for a little ride!
15 I have to admit something to you. We’ve got a little problem: our budget for the building is significantly higher because of its unique design. How do you feel about further investment?
16 Wonderful! I knew I could count on you. Let’s place this extraordinary building right into the center of the city. We should also plan the grand opening in the meantime…
17 I thought that we could show the visitors the newest members of our train fleet. The choice is on you!
18 Now let's try out the wagons. I think both of these are brilliant and I'm sure that you'll choose the right one.
19 Another day another choice. Gold or Wolfram? That’s the question! Okay jokes aside - we’re running out of some important resources and we better fill our stock before the Pyramid’s grand opening!
20 The grand opening of the Pyramid was truly amazing! People loved it and newspapers wrote that it’s one of the most fascinating buildings in the town. However, the surroundings could use some visual improvements too. And we’ve got such talented artists!
21 I have visited the best art schools in the country and found some really talented young students who would love to collaborate with us. I have a plan…
22 You see this old scattered wall? These students will turn it into a masterpiece! And I am sure that it will catch the eye of many visitors too.
23 The unique architecture of the town is becoming really famous worldwide. Let’s build another significant construction! Of course, we’ll need some cash first.
24 Have you ever built something with your bare hands? Come with me, we’ll help our workers out. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to dispatching soon.
25 As I’ve promised - there’s never enough of resources. This time, it’s borax which we need. And of course - some more Gold for our upcoming projects.
26 Wow, I think that we’ve found what we were looking for! A bunch of young talents will soon start working for our Eriport divison. Thank you for help, my friend!
27 Right on this spot under the Mount Kilimanjaro, we will build the grandest city in the whole Africa! The infrastructure here is half a century old. We will have to resort to more traditional means.
28 Time for the first cargo shipments.
29 First let's build some accommodation for the construction crew.
30 Now let’s transfer the workers here.
31 We already have some basic accommodation for our crew. But if we want to draw here the best professionals and entrepreneurs, we'll have to build houses of future.
32 The computer systems regulating these houses will require advanced materials.
33 These low-energy smart homes are regulated by advanced systems that control everything from water usage to making sure that the fridge is full.
34 Let's add some style to our new residential block.
35 Time to move in the fancy crowd.
36 Perfect! Our new residents also need some culture. I've come across a talented Tanzanian sculptor recently.
37 I've given him free rein to create any sculpture or monument. He just needs a few more resources.
38 Wonderful! I think we need one more art piece and our collection will be sufficient for art festival. However, won't be a cheap event.
39 I'm sure that the audience will appreciate some modern art too. Talk about cubism!
40 Can you believe it? We're almost done ahead of schedule. We can use the time to bring in more advanced materials for my plans.
41 Time to welcome the visitors for the Kilimanjaro Art Festival. I want to surprise them with something special. We will rent some vintage steamers.
42 For transport around the city I've ordered several Double-decker buses.
43 This city is already becoming a cultural and economic hub. What would hasten our development even more? I know! A Conference Centre.
44 The Kenyatta Conference Centre was planned by some of the Kenya's finest architects. The project is huge, so we'll start with the east wing.
45 It seems we've been pushing our workers too hard and now they demand higher wages. We must treat our employees fairly. Transport these materials and we'll use the profits to increase their pay.
46 Enough greenery is a top priority for modern urban development. Here in the Savanna the trees also serve as an ideal protection from the scorching sun.
47 A new line of Hyperloop trains I ordered will arrive soon. Before we launch them, we'll need to stress-test our Hyperloop infrastructure.
48 Finally, the Yoruba Hyperloop is here. Time for a test run!
49 At the start of this endeavor I could not have imagined we would come this far. Our greatest challenge so far will be to complete the Kenyatta Conference Centre.
50 My friend! I must take a break for now to plan for the future. In the meantime, could you do me a favor? I've heard that a certain locomotive is extremely popular among rail watchers in our city. Would you mind giving them a show?
51 10 months passed and I’m back with a new vision! I’ll announce my great comeback in 2 weeks. Please, bring some components to the town in the meantime.
52 I decided to take some time off and go to Savanna to bond with nature and my roots
53 While I was observing the wildlife, I got an idea for further city development….
54 My vision is: ecotourism. We’ll be organizing trips into the wild so that people can see how precious and fragile our nature is. Everything will be eco-made. No luxurious hotels! We’ll need special vehicles too.
55 Savanna is only the first area where I want to develop ecotourism. I want to spread it to all parts of Africa. Please, send our sales representatives on mission.
56 The main goal of ecotourism is to visit untouched places without leaving any negative impact behind. Therefore, we must use the right methods - which won’t be cheap.
57 We got an offer from one tribe to extend our business to the coastal areas too. Let’s start with hauling materials.
58 These huts are made of recycled building materials and they are energetically neutral. However, I’m not sure if those bright colors were necessary.
59 Our coastal ecotourism is a huge success. We’ve received another tip: let’s give people option to experience living with traditional tribes.
60 We’ve established a direct communication with the Maasai tribe leader. He’ll let us build some houses on their land in exchange for money.
61 These cottages were designed in cooperation with the Maasai tribe members.
62 Oh, no it was a trap! The person who claimed to be the tribal leader was a cheater! The real Maasais are pretty mad at us right now.
63 It’s not just about the huts. Our recent building activity has caused huge damage to the Maasai ancient land. I’ll try to propose them a financial compensation.
64 The real Maasai leader says that they don’t care about our money! I’ll meet him in person tomorrow.
65 The tribe leader wants us to accommodate his people from the ruined environment to our city.
66 I really want to make it up to the Maasais. That’s why we’ll build them a brand new headquarters called Maasai City. Can I count on your help?
67 Another project will be construction of a double tower with a direct view on the Mount Kilimanjaro.
68 In the meantime, we can start with transferring the first Maasai people to the new headquarters.
69 If we want to build higher floors, we have to ensure the building’s structure to be hard enough. Nanotubes will be necessary.
70 I was a bit worried if our new friends would get used to the city life, but so far, the first families are doing great.
71 Things don’t always end up the way we planned. My ecotourism vision was a failure. On the other hand - thanks to that, we’ve got our new Maasai friends with us now.
72 Our city is bigger and more successful than ever. That’s why we can now apply for the biggest project in its history.
73 We have to prove that our economics is strong enough to support a project of such huge extent. What is it about? I’ll tell you right after we finish this delivery.
74 The center of the Maasai City will be the grand State Bank. It’s a huge investment but together with Maasais we’ll make it!
75 I’m glad that we’ve successfully made it and I believe that there are many huge things ahead of us. I’m going to rest a bit in the meantime so see you soon, my friend!
76 It’s great to see you again, my friend. I hope you are ready to get back to business. I must attend an important meeting so please take care of this material delivery for me.
77 I have great news! I have just made a deal to buy a beautiful land in Senegal. I promised to deliver some materials to the government to get a better price.
78 The land is now ours. I have already acquired plans for a modern residential building. It will be perfect for locals and tourists both.
79 We must not neglect the marketing. Let’s place some posters advertising the new residential area on our trains. Many people will notice it and it will cost us almost nothing.
80 The apartments are ready for people to move in but who would want to live in such an unpleasant area? We need to improve the surroundings. Make a garden, build some benches and instal lamps.
81 How are the works progressing? I see it looks much better with a few trees and a green lawn. Let’s finish the benches and the fence.
82 There is also a private beach attached to the residential area. We will need to bring in some sand because it is full of rocks now.
83 That’s a beach I would like to lay down on! Just a few umbrellas and we are ready for the first residents.
84 We have already sold all the apartments. I think it’s time to start the construction of a new building. First, let’s make sure we have fuel for the delivery of the materials.
85 I have been talking about the design of the new apartments with our architect. We need to keep the overall feel but maybe change the color. Yes, you can start delivering the materials.
86 We have all we need to start the construction. I really like this location near the beach. Maybe I will keep one apartment for myself. Do you want one too?
87 There was an earthquake outside of Dakar and a road was damaged. I have offered to double the trains going through the area. It is now the only possible transport option.
88 It’s good we made solid foundations for our buildings. They remained undamaged. But I want to have the walls reinforced in case of a stronger earthquake.
89 We have obtained a permission to build a new business centre in Dakar. It’s time to collect the materials.
90 The business center will be a tall tower with offices overlooking the whole city. We will need a good solid material for the foundations.
91 These foundations look good, so let’s finish the tower.
92 All those office workers who will work here need a way to commute. Since we are railway owners I think the answer to this problem is clear.
93 I am a big lover of flowers. But this desert soil is not ideal for plants. We will need some good fertilizer to make a nice garden around the tower.
94 We have our first company moving in to the tower. They will take the offices on the highest floor and asked for help with moving in the office equipment.
95 Senegal is a beautiful country but the options for young people are limited. I have a plan how to improve this situation. So are you in on this new project?
96 Many young people who want to study leave for Europe and America. But what if they had a university right here? I will leave you a moment to be amazed at this idea and then start delivering the materials.
97 The land where we are going to build the university has very sandy soil. We need to make it more solid or the building will quickly collapse.
98 We need some more materials for the construction. Will you take care of it? I need to attend to some personal business.
99 Now we can build the amazing Senegal University. It will offer courses from Quantum Physics to the History of Medieval Art.
100 We have done some good work here. Now I will leave you to take care of your own business for a while. And I am going to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Senegal.
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